Health Care

David Brooks Has a Health Care Idea!
The conservative reform that wouldn't screw the poor
February 26, 2013

The conservative Medicare reform that wouldn't screw the poor.

The GOP's Budget Denialism
The federal budget is going to increase, whether Republicans like it or not.
February 21, 2013

The federal budget is going to increase. Congress should get used to it.

How to Survive the ObamaCare Apocalypse
Conservative book publishing has a new obsession
February 20, 2013

Conservative book publishing has a new favorite product: American Care Act survival guides.

Not-So-Universal Health Care
Slipping through the cracks of Obamacare
February 05, 2013

Now that the White House is actually beginning to implement Obamacare, it's becoming clear that universal health care isn't necessarily what we thought it was.

Amnesty's Not Enough
Will the pathway to citizenship lead towards health insurance?
February 01, 2013

Will the pathway to citizenship lead undocumented immigrants towards health insurance?

Flu Shots in the Firehouse
How to Survive Our Doctor Shortage
January 31, 2013

In Oakland, firefighters can give you vaccinations—and may soon offer counseling about things like diabetes and asthma. Is this the future of medicine?

Obamacare Sticker Shock: Not Very Shocking
January 29, 2013

Sure, some people's premiums will go up as a result of Obamacare. Many more people will see their bills drop.

In Georgia, a Blueprint for Battling Obamacare
January 14, 2013

The health care debate shifts to conservative states, where the media scrutiny is light and the politics hostile.

The Legal Crusade to Undermine Obamacare—and Rewrite History
December 05, 2012

Can one determined libertarian stop millions of people from getting health insurance?

Patience: Just What the Doctor Ordered (For Deficit Reduction)
November 28, 2012

Republicans want to cut Medicare and Medicaid to help reduce the deficit. Why not wait and see if Obamacare accomplishes exactly that?