Health Care

Obamacare’s Critics Refuse to Give Up
November 20, 2012

Obamacare critics can't repeal the law, so they're trying to cripple it.

On Health Care, Romney Is the Radical
November 01, 2012

One last, comprehensive look at Obamacare vs. Romneycare

Economics in Action: The Life-Changing, Nobel-Winning Work of Al Roth
October 16, 2012

Roth’s influence is anything but theoretical. His effects on society are far-reaching.

Romney Reminds Us How Little He Understands the Rest of America
October 15, 2012

Romney's latest health care quote is a reminder of how little he understands the rest of America.

What Cutting Medicaid Means: A Personal Story
September 28, 2012

Harold Pollack explains why cuts to Medicaid and the safety net are a personal story for him.

Romney Says He Cares. His Agenda Disagrees.
September 27, 2012

Romney says he cares. Romney's agenda suggests otherwise.

Obamacare Is Working, Cont’d
September 12, 2012

Attention Obamacare haters: The law you despise appears to be working. Just ask a young adult.

Did Romney Flip-Flop (Again) on Health Care?
September 10, 2012

Romney hasn’t changed his position on pre-existing conditions, although he probably wishes he could.

Look Who’s Raiding Medicare Now
September 08, 2012

Romney-Ryan say their Medicare plan would affect current seniors. They're wrong and a new report suggets why.

Why is the Main Obamacare Event in Charlotte So Empty?
September 05, 2012

Obamacare got a strong defense from the podium on Tuesday. Will it get a strong defense from party faithful?