Hee Haw

Magic Matthew: McConaughey's Journey From Slacker to Darkness
August 14, 2012

"Killer Joe" is a terrible film, but it marks the latest in a year of great performances from Matthew McConaughey.

Libya And GOP Infighting
March 29, 2011

One interesting ramification of the intervention in Libya is that it's a rare issue that splits both sides straight down the middle. Liberals have been re-fighting the Iraq war debate. Meanwhile, conservatives have cracked a few chairs over each others' heads. Bill Kristol attacked Haley Barbour for endorsing defense budget cuts in at item entitled "T-Paw v. Hee Haw." Here's David Keene hitting back at Kristol.

Pin Prick
May 08, 2006

Ryan Lizza on George Allen's race problem.