Heidi Shierholz

Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?
September 11, 2012

Good jobs are disappearing, especially for men, even as the workforce gets more experienced, better educated, and more productive.

Unemployment Reform: Still A Bad Idea
February 01, 2012

House and Senate negotiators have been meeting to work out an agreement on extending the payroll tax cut, which currently is due to expire at the end of February, through 2012. After last month's partisan battle over the issue, which proved costly to Republicans, everyone now is apparently on board with the extension.

The ‘Mancession’ Fallacy: A New Sitcom That Gets Everything Wrong About Our Economic Recovery
December 14, 2011

The economists and policy wonks at ABC’s creative department have found a novel solution to the jobs crisis and, lucky for us, it comes in the form of a sitcom.

New Jobs Report, Same Old Disappointing Story
August 06, 2010

This just in: The economy lost 131,000 jobs last month. Overall, the unemployment rate held steady at 9.5 percent.