The Highway Trust Fund

Senate Climate Bill Could Ditch Cap-And-Trade
March 01, 2010

Over the weekend, The Washington Post reported that John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman are preparing to unveil their much-discussed Senate climate bill in the next few weeks. The eye-opening twist, though, is that their bill probably won’t include a single cap-and-trade program for the entire economy. Instead, it would include different types of pollution controls for different sectors.

A Budget 'Freeze' on an Empty Highway Fund
February 04, 2010

In his State of the Union, President Obama made reducing the budget deficit one of the priorities of the administration for next year. The announcement of budgetary caps and potential cuts in federal non-national security programs worried communities that rely on discretionary federal spending. The FY 2011 budget proposal released this past Monday shows the highly anticipated figures. For transportation, however, it is not a clear story. Part of the reason is the schizophrenic nature of the major surface transportation programs that hold contract authority.