Hillary Clinton

Net Loss
February 13, 2008

It was less than two years ago that Mark Warner hosted his nowlegendary bash for liberal bloggers––with its ice sculpture and $50,000 price tag––during the 2006 Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas. At the time, the Democratic former governor of Virginia was mulling a White House bid and looking for netroots support. Tom Vilsack, a fellow aspirant, also appeared at the convention, as did Bill Richardson. Hillary Clinton didn’t show, to the chagrin of many, but even she, a few weeks later, hired liberal blogger Peter Daou, and she made sure to swing by Yearly Kos the following year.

February 13, 2008

Two days after the New Hampshire primary, John Kerry climbed onto a dais in Charleston, South Carolina, and endorsed Barack Obama. “We need...leaders who look out at America and see not an electorate to be sliced and diced and pitted against each other, but citizens who want to do great things together,” Kerry said. At first, it sounded like a shot at George Bush and Karl Rove. But, the longer he went on, the more Kerry seemed to have another polarizing duo in mind--Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Skin Deep
February 13, 2008

When Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign first began, there was reason to think she would be hard to beat in a primary. Despite her Iraq vulnerability and assorted baggage, she seemed to have an impenetrable bulwark in the black vote. “Bill Clinton’s popularity with blacks has been presumed to carry over to her and help her win the important South Carolina primary...and other similar Southern primaries,” explained Newsweek in November 2006. Newsweek wisely noted that the candidacy of Barack Obama could change that presumption.

Operation Push
February 13, 2008

In 2002, Barack Obama was an unknown Illinois state senator with long-shot ambitions of moving from the political backwater of Springfield to the big-time of Washington, D.C. But, before he acted on those ambitions, he wanted to get the blessing of another young, black––and far more famous––Illinois politician, one whom he essentially hoped to leapfrog on his way to the U.S. Senate. And so, one morning that year, Obama had breakfast with U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr.

When It Rains
February 13, 2008

Yesterday I suggested that Hillary Clinton may understand she won't finish the primaries with a lead in delegates, but is hoping an overall popular-vote lead will persuade superdelegates to support her (or at least justify supporting her). As I said, some old Bush v. Gore arguments about the will of the people would come in quite handy. But after Obama's wide margins last night, however, that scenario is fading.

The End Of Billaryland Is On Its Way. Rejoice!
February 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton fired her manager Patti Solis Doyle on Monday. On Tuesday, her deputy, Mike Henry, resigned. Resigned, hah! Did he wait till it was clear that the candidate was about to loose Virginia, lose big-time? This is life in the Hillary camp. Henry was, of course, much resented because of a leak (who knows by whom?) of a memo to the grand lady urging her to ignore the Iowa caucuses, the most insidious electoral mechanism in the entire system. He was right.

The Open And Shut Case Against Hillary Clinton
February 12, 2008

A key component of Hillary Clinton's campaign message is that she would be tougher on foreign policy than Barack Obama. She has spent a lifetime constructing this hawkish image (see Mike's excellent piece from last year on the formation of Hillary's views on the exercise of American power), in full knowledge that she would have to neutralize fears of her being a radical peacenik if she ever wished to make a serious run for president.

Clinton A No-show On Surveillance Votes
February 12, 2008

So Hillary Clinton missed all the FISA votes today. It's a shame--the Dems trying to block telecom immunity and add surveillance oversight were badly beaten, and I'm sure Clinton's 35 years experience and legendary ability to work for change would've come in real handy.  --Bradford Plumer

Texas Hold 'em
February 12, 2008

I definitely recommend the analysis of Texas's derangingly convoluted primary/caucus to which Mike linked earlier, which shows that even if Hillary Clinton wins the state by five points, Obama could still wind up with more overall delegates. Now, of course, the Clinton campaign has been billing Texas (along with Ohio) as its latest firewall, a crucial state in which victory will give her candidacy a huge boost and will make up for anticipated February losses.

Penn Is Mightier?
February 11, 2008

A Times article featuring any number of ominous signs for Hillary Clinton also contains another bit of not-at-all-reassuring spin from pollster/strategist Mark Penn: "Senator Obama has in fact never had a serious Republican challenger." I'm sorry, you mean a challenger like Rick Lazio? The incumbent Republican Senator? The beloved, curmudgeonly longtime House member? The last-minute GOP placeholder after Rudy bowed out, who hasn't won (or run for) office since? Yeah, that was a remarkable upset.