Hillary Clinton

Nie Fallout; Rasmussen Shows Huckabee Climbing
December 04, 2007

Hitting Back on Iran [Beth Fouhy, Associated Press]: "Hillary Rodham Clinton accused presidential rival John Edwards of making 'outlandish political charges' in portraying her vote against Iran as a pretext for war as the Democratic contenders confronted each other in a debate in Iowa just one month before the state's leadoff caucuses."   Hsu Indicted [Matthew Mosk, Washington Post]: "The U.S.

Sleeping Giant
December 03, 2007

We're living in a slow-motion constitutional crisis. The key questions of whether the president can torture people, declare a U.S. citizen an enemy combatant and remove him from the ordinary court system, or reinterpret law at the time of signing legislation (to name just three) were barely on the radar before six years ago. Voters fond of the Constitution’s limits on executive power and guarantees of civil liberties, then, need to take care in choosing the next president.

The Other Problem With Hillary's Character Attacks
December 03, 2007

Like Jason, I thought the Clintonites were really reaching by throwing Barack Obama's kindergarten oeuvre back in his face. In general, the last 24-hours of Clinton statements have made the campaign sound unusually panicked. My own feeling is that Clinton would be much better off banging away on differences in health-care plans than launching a round of what, by her own admission, will be character attacks. Besides potentially turning off Iowa voters, there's another reason for Hillary to hold her fire: It's only going to fuel the Obama fundraising juggernaut.

Hillary-obama, Gore-bradley, And Health Care
November 30, 2007

  The Clinton-Obama battle has long had interesting parallels to the Gore-Bradley fight in 2000. Most obviously that means Obama's effort to make an argument against a Washington insider about political process and the nature of the capital, which is what Bradley sought to do to Gore. But people who followed the 2000 primary will recall how Gore ultimately beat down Bradley. It wasn't by counterattacking Bradley's vision for a new brand of politics. It was by savaging Bradley's health care plan. And that's what Hillary Clinton is doing know.

How Popular Is Powell?
November 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Colin Powell gambit is being blasted by a bunch of liberal bloggers. Here's a fairly representative critique from Matthew Yglesias: [I]f Clinton's looking to assuage people's doubts about her foreign policy judgment, this seems like a terrible way to do it. A lot of Clinton's pro-invasion advisors are too obscure for most people to recognize. But Powell was the public face of the Iraq sales pitch.

Bawk! Bawk!
November 28, 2007

I remember thinking that Noam was wrong to accuse Rudy Giuliani of "chicken[ing] out" in his aborted 2000 Senate campaign against Hillary Clinton. After all, Rudy dropped out of the race after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Is that the same thing as chickening out? Well, maybe it is. From today's NYT article on the Senate race that wasn't: In announcing his withdrawal from the race to succeed Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat, Mr. Giuliani said he wanted to turn his attention to fighting his cancer.

Who Needs Drudge (cont'd)?
November 28, 2007

Is there a Democratic sex "scandal"--no matter how bogus--that Mickey Kaus won't promote? Today he's plugging (albeit in a somewhat passive aggressive fashion) the ridiculous rumor that Hillary Clinton is the lesbian lover of her aide Huma Abedin. Here's my favorite bit of Kausian sophistry: Let's assume what is likely to be the case--that the Huma rumor is a) unprovable if true and b) un-disprovable if untrue. Under the old rules that means it would never be proved and would probably never surface.

My Celebrity Can Beat Up Yours; Black Voters Plead The "first"
November 27, 2007

Bad Barbra! [Don Frederick, Top of the Ticket]: "It's no surprise that Hillary Clinton's ever-vigilant campaign would unveil a celebrity endorsement today -- an announcement that might distract attention from the latest developments in Oprah Winfrey's high-profile embrace of Barack Obama.

More On Hillary's Experience
November 27, 2007

I agree with a lot of what Jason writes below. The experience issue should be tricky for Hillary Clinton—and it's best we see now whether she can deal with it. But I disagree with him—and, more importantly, with Barack Obama—that she's constantly trying to take credit for her husband's successes and avoid blame for his failures. The reason? Health care. Even before she ran for president, she was talking constantly about the mistakes she made and the flaws of that plan.   This is despite the fact that Paul Starr, who was there, has suggested her critics overstate her influence.

Edwards Gets Into The Mandate Scrum
November 27, 2007

If you've been following the Democratic presidential primary race closely, you know that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been going back and forth on the relative merits of their respective health care plans.  And the big point of contention has been whether an "individual mandate" is necessary for achieving universal coverage, at least in the short term.  An individual mandate is a requirement that everybody obtain insurance either by purchasing it or signing up for a public program like Medicaid.  Clinton has a mandate in her plan, saying it's the only way to make sure everybody ends u