Hillary Clinton

The End Of Billaryland Is On Its Way. Rejoice!
February 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton fired her manager Patti Solis Doyle on Monday. On Tuesday, her deputy, Mike Henry, resigned. Resigned, hah! Did he wait till it was clear that the candidate was about to loose Virginia, lose big-time? This is life in the Hillary camp. Henry was, of course, much resented because of a leak (who knows by whom?) of a memo to the grand lady urging her to ignore the Iowa caucuses, the most insidious electoral mechanism in the entire system. He was right.

The Open And Shut Case Against Hillary Clinton
February 12, 2008

A key component of Hillary Clinton's campaign message is that she would be tougher on foreign policy than Barack Obama. She has spent a lifetime constructing this hawkish image (see Mike's excellent piece from last year on the formation of Hillary's views on the exercise of American power), in full knowledge that she would have to neutralize fears of her being a radical peacenik if she ever wished to make a serious run for president.

Clinton A No-show On Surveillance Votes
February 12, 2008

So Hillary Clinton missed all the FISA votes today. It's a shame--the Dems trying to block telecom immunity and add surveillance oversight were badly beaten, and I'm sure Clinton's 35 years experience and legendary ability to work for change would've come in real handy.  --Bradford Plumer

Texas Hold 'em
February 12, 2008

I definitely recommend the analysis of Texas's derangingly convoluted primary/caucus to which Mike linked earlier, which shows that even if Hillary Clinton wins the state by five points, Obama could still wind up with more overall delegates. Now, of course, the Clinton campaign has been billing Texas (along with Ohio) as its latest firewall, a crucial state in which victory will give her candidacy a huge boost and will make up for anticipated February losses.

Penn Is Mightier?
February 11, 2008

A Times article featuring any number of ominous signs for Hillary Clinton also contains another bit of not-at-all-reassuring spin from pollster/strategist Mark Penn: "Senator Obama has in fact never had a serious Republican challenger." I'm sorry, you mean a challenger like Rick Lazio? The incumbent Republican Senator? The beloved, curmudgeonly longtime House member? The last-minute GOP placeholder after Rudy bowed out, who hasn't won (or run for) office since? Yeah, that was a remarkable upset.

Mark Penn And The Juno Fallacy
February 11, 2008

I dialed into that Clinton conference call this afternoon and was left absolutely speechless by some of the things Mark Penn said. For example, he argued that we should disregard polls showing Obama doing better than Hillary against McCain. That's fine--I don't actually put much stock in polls about hypothetical matchups. But Penn was making a much more ambitious point--arguing, essentially, that polls are unreliable in general. He cited several data points: Polls showed John Kerry winning against George W.

We Create Our Own Reality, Too
February 11, 2008

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a great surprise that the candidate who threw herself a big victory party in Florida for a race that didn't count would studiously ignore accumulating losses in races that do count. Matt Yglesias notes: I wanted to see what, if any, reaction Hillary Clinton's campaign had up on their website to her loss in Maine, but it seems they're ignoring it. Also Louisiana. And Washington. And Nebraska. And of course the US Virgin Islands.

Is Hawaii Really Obama Country?
February 08, 2008

                    Barack Obama will probably win Hawaii on February 19. He does have a "home state" advantage and an organizational edge, since the state has a caucus. But here's something to ponder: almost 60% of Hawaiians are Asian Americans--as Isaac pointed out, by far the most anti-Obama demographic in the United States in the primaries thus far.

Raucous Caucus
February 07, 2008

February 1: I email Barack Obama's Colorado campaign site, asking for information on which caucus I should attend. Although I write a syndicated column that often deals with presidential politics, I’ve never been to a caucus, or for that matter participated in a political campaign. And my lifetime financial contributions to politicians consist of writing a $50 check to John Kerry in the summer of 2004. But I’ve taken a liking to Obama, and have decided I should overcome my natural inertia and at least go to the caucus.

Mcauliffe, The Master Of Spin
February 07, 2008

Referring to Hillary's self-loan, the Macker's parting words to the big-time money raisers on the call were: "Hillary Clinton stepped up for us, and now we need to step up for her." Not bad. This approach strives to make Hillary seem both noble and committed, yet vulnerable and in need of our support. This is how people like her best. --Michelle Cottle