Hillary Clinton

Post-new Hampshire Thoughts
January 09, 2008

  1. A year ago, I wrote an article making the case that Hillary Clinton was not the inevitable Democratic nominee. Unfortunately, the link is not available. Then last week I wrote a blog post saying she’s toast. Unfortunately, that one is available.2. How did Clinton pull it off? Obviously it’s guesswork. I think she had her best moment of her political career Monday when she choked up defending herself. It was a lot like the moment before the 2004 Iowa Caucuses when James Rassman suddenly appeared, of his own accord, to tell the story of how John Kerry saved his life in Vietnam.

What Her Victory Looked Like
January 09, 2008

MANCHESTER, NH-- For the reporters covering her campaign, the first clear sign that Hillary Clinton would win the New Hampshire primary came in the form of a beaming Terry McAuliffe. At roughly 10:30 Tuesday night, the former Democratic Party chairman and longtime Friend Of The Clintons appeared in the filing center where reporters had just hours earlier been prepared to type out Hillary's obituary to proclaim victory.

Hillary's Blockbuster Victory Speech
January 09, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s victory speech was outstanding as much for what it wasn’t as what it was. She wasn’t surrounded by aging political leaders. Her husband didn’t tower over her.

How Obama Made Clinton
January 08, 2008

Over the last few days, I've heard more than one person suggest that Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama's perfect foil -- old to his young, establishment to his insurgency, shrill to his smooth, and so on.  In other words, her weaknesses almost perfectly highlighted his strengths.  I think that's all true. But watching Clinton speak to her supporters just now, it struck me that the opposite holds, as well.  This was the best speech I've seen her give, maybe ever.  It was clever, for sure -- the way she managed to hit "reset" on the entire campaign by declaring she "found her voice" in New Hampshi

Joy In Clintonland
January 08, 2008

People here at Hillary's event are beside themselves. Press aides whom I've never seen smiling before all look like the cat who ate the canary. And hugs all around. Terry McAuliffe just stopped into the press room to proclaim victory.

What We Can Learn From The Democratic Exit Polls
January 08, 2008

I've looked at the current Democratic exit polls, which, incidentally, are adjusted later to fit the final results, so what I have to say here must taken as subject to revision.

Pregnant Woman Joins Steinem/clinton Pile-on!
January 08, 2008

I'm probably just the type of woman--almost 9 months pregnant, on leave from my job as TNR's managing editor, and happily bouncing away on my birthing ball as I watch Hillary Clinton tank--that gives Gloria Steinem a headache. Steinem is right--I don't feel any compulsion to support Clinton. But this has nothing to do with her being a woman or me being a woman (or at this point, a woman and a half). The reason that I'm not jumping on the Clinton bandwagon has to do with the fact that I've long found her inauthentic--an impression that Dahlia Lithwick suggests many voters share.

Has Clinton Gotten A Raw Deal?
January 06, 2008

I'm not surprised to discover that Hillary Clinton's angry response to John Edwards during the ABC/WMUR debate has dominated the coverage. As I wrote last night, when it happened, it's precisely the kind of theatrical moment that on which the media thrives--although, in fairness, a lot of voters obsess over these things, too. (It clearly made a big impression on this focus group Frank Luntz assembled for Fox News.)  And while some people think Hillary came off well, showing determination and emotion, the majority opinion seems to be that she lost her cool--that she snapped.

Hillary's Next Move; Giuliani Still Swimming?
January 04, 2008

Full Force: [Jay Stevens, Left in the West]: “[There] was one telling fact about last night's caucus: voter turnout. In short, in a state that went for Bush in 2004, Democratic turnout for the caucus was almost twice as high as it was four years ago.”   Hillary v. History: [Dick Polman, Dick Polman’s American Debate]: “[H]illary has the money and moxie to battle Obama to the bitter end, and it should be noted that several past candidates (Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush) have lost Iowa but won the White House.

Daybreak In Iowa: The Aftermath
January 04, 2008

Bye Bye Birdies [Martin Kady II, Politico]: "Two Senate veterans — Democrats Joe Biden of Delaware and Chris Dodd of Connecticut — are abandoning their presidential campaigns after very poor showings Thursday night in the Iowa caucuses." Blame Iowa [The Editors, New York Times]: "Keeping this race alive so significant numbers of Americans in more populated states can participate would begin to make up for the ludicrous spectacle of the past year, which enriched the television networks and the political consultants (some $300 million already spent) far more than it enriched the political dialog