Hillary Clinton

The TNR Primary: Part Fourteen
January 25, 2008

''Change" alone cannot be a basis for deciding which candidate to support. Every candidate--from Dennis Kucinich to Mike Huckabee--favors change. What matters is the direction of the change, who is in charge of bringing it about--and who is supporting the candidate. When I cast my vote, I look not only at the candidate but at who is supporting him or her. Elections empower not only the winning candidate but the constituencies that helped to elect that person.

The TNR Primary: Part Two
January 25, 2008

My head says Obama, but my heart wants Clinton. I trust Hillary Clinton in my kishkes. I have the feeling I can count on her, the way I counted on a trustee in the town where I used to live. She was a corporate lawyer turned stay-at-home mother, and she had made herself the go-to person for everything having to do with local government. She listened to my problems, researched their background, and got back to me. She couldn't always help, but she always got to the heart of an issue and could map its points of intersection with the politics of village administration.

The TNR Primary: Part Three
January 25, 2008

Women are always in the wrong--particularly in politics. Our culture is sexist, and we don't even see it. Gloria Steinem said, "We'll do anything not to elect a woman." Women are attacked whenever we go public. Think of Eleanor Roosevelt, Bella Abzug--and Hillary Clinton. So Clinton has run a gauntlet. All her life. From Wellesley student to Yale student to lawyer to governor's wife to First Lady to senator to presidential candidate. I get it. I've run that gauntlet on a much smaller scale--and I don't even want to live in the White House. My heart goes out to her.

On The 'times' Endorsement...
January 25, 2008

In 2006, The New York Times tempered its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for the Senate with the following caveat:   The real question is not whether she can turn in continued good performance in the Senate, or even whether she can run a smart campaign for president. It is whether she can put some great idea ahead of her own political upward mobility, whether there is a cause so important to her that she will risk her political security for it.

First Thoughts On The 'nyt' Endorsement
January 24, 2008

The New York Times just posted their endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president. Two quick thoughts about it: First, I wish the paper had directly addressed the question of her electability. It is, of course, impossible to predict what will happen in November, and, to quote from the headline of an article by my colleague Jason Zengerle, the whole notion of predicting electability is something of a wishy-washy, squishy-sqaushy pseudoscience. But it still matters, of course.

Obama V Hillary, Armenian Genocide Edition
January 24, 2008

This week Obama issued a statement "strongly" supporting the controversial Armenian genocide resolution in Congress and promising that as president, "I will recognize the Armenian genocide." Now Hillary Clinton has her own statement out today--affirming her support for the resolution (which she has co-sponsored) and implicitly zinging Obama for not sponsoring it. Alone among the Presidential candidates, I have been a longstanding supporter of the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

Worrying About Obama?
January 24, 2008

A Democratic media consultant in Boston, Dan Payne, worries on today's Boston Globe op-ed page about Barack Obama. He worries so much (really about nothing) that he has been looking for reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Well, here's the reason with which Payne has come up:        Hillary is no angel.  We know a lot about Hillary Clinton: Whitewater, filegate, cattle futures, the Chinese dishwashers who wrote        checks for $500 and $2,000 to her campaign, the money from Ponzi schemer Norman Hsu, the $100,000 from a sleazy marketing               operator in Nebraska, who paid her husban

Does Obama Need To Attack More?
January 24, 2008

In today's Politico, John Harris and Jim VandeHei pose the following hypothetical: Imagine if at the next presidential debate Barack Obama--who is agitated about what he calls Bill Clinton’s misleading criticisms--cocked his head, smiled ruefully and, in Reaganesque “there you go again” tones, said something like this to Hillary Clinton: “You know, I admired some aspects of Bill Clinton’s presidency. But let’s recall that it was precisely these sort of too-cute-by-half statements that caused him to be reprimanded by a federal judge and stripped of his law license.

Will The Real John Kerry Please Stand Up?
January 23, 2008

A smart take from Salon on horce-racing and the media reinforces a suspicion I've long held: Despite his crash-and burn in November 2004, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have made disparate but legitimate (and potentially damaging) claims to the mantle of John Kerry. Jay Rosen: The near-heart attack [after New Hampshire] wasn't triggered by a bad prediction, which can happen to anyone, but rather by some spectacular wreckage in the reality-making machinery of political journalism.

A Key Newspaper Endorsement For Obama
January 22, 2008

Whatever you think of Obama's performance in last night's debate, his just-announced endorsement by The State, South Carolina's largest newspaper, could end up being just as influential if not more so in Saturday's primary. You can read the whole thing here. This passage is particularly interesting: On positions from Iraq to health care, the policy differences between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are minute. Much of the debate between them has involved making these molehills look mountainous or clashing over who-shifted-when.