Hillary Clinton

Tennessee For Clinton?
February 05, 2008

I'm watching MSNBC, where they haven't called Tennessee yet.  But I gather the Clinton campaign expects to win there, since they just sent out talking points hyping their performance there and in Oklahoma (which the networks have already called for Clinton). just called Tennessee for Clinton.

Running To The Right?
February 05, 2008

Jonah Goldberg comments on yesterday's Fred Siegel piece (whose basic problem Chait has already identified):  First, it's worth noting (as I pointed out here), that JFK was no down-the-line partisan liberal Democrat.

Hillary Hatred, Irrational And Here To Stay
February 05, 2008

Following up on my previous item, here's one other note about Jim Cooper, the Democratic congressman from Tennessee who appears prominently in today's David Brooks column. Towards the end of the column, Cooper suggests that Hillary Clinton is acting just as rigidly now as she did back in 1993 and 1994 -- when she spurned his offers of compromise.  Why does he think that?  Apparently, it's because she's made such a big deal about having an individual mandate -- that is, a requirement that everybody purchase insurance.

Hillarycare And History
February 05, 2008

Today's David Brooks column, which reexamines Hillary Clinton's record during the 1993-94 health care fight, offers an important reminder of the antipathy she has generated not just among many average Americans but also among some members of Congress.  That, by itself, raises important questions about whether she could really master Washington better than Barack Obama could -- a claim she and her supporters frequently make.   But what about the underlying reality that Brooks describes: Did Clinton really botch things back then as much as Brooks -- and pretty much everybody else -- seems to th

Optimistic Pessimism
February 05, 2008

My guess (and that's all it is) for how things will shake out today is that Hillary Clinton will do well, winning the states she's supposed to and most of the presumed toss-ups. Barack Obama may come close in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and even New Jersey, but my gut says he probably loses them all (though, as an Obama supporter, I'd be delighted to be wrong).

Confessions Of A Young Hillary Supporter
February 05, 2008

Here's your zeitgeist: Although we are rarely seen in the wild, young Hillary supporters do exist (not that I've ever met another one). To give you an idea of just how outnumbered we are among young voters, I turn to the most tested and reliable gauge of all things collegiate: Facebook. Earlier this fall, Facebook added an application that allows members to declare the candidate they support on their main profile page. Hillary Clinton makes a respectable showing with 88,159 supporters. Barack Obama on the other hand, trounces her with 353,757 supporters.

I'm Not Convinced
February 05, 2008

Earlier, Jason pointed to a novel argument for Hillary Clinton's candidacy being advanced up by past(?) Clinton apparatchik Lanny Davis (and, perhaps, Terry McAuliffe as well): specifically, that she'd be more likely, as nominee, to pick Barack Obama as her v.p. than he'd be to pick her. Leave aside, for a moment, the defensiveness and inanity of this suggestion.

Celebrity Cash
February 03, 2008

There's an article in the Metro section of Sunday's Times which may not have been included in the on-line edition. It reported on the contributions of selected celebrities to the various candidates. Ah, a very important dispatch. Clip it, save it. Hasn't the Times got more significant news to tell on the newspaper of record?In any case, Alec Baldwin, the intellectual lightweight of the Hollywood left, gave $2,000 to Hillary Clinton.

Where Are Edwards' Supporters Going?
February 01, 2008

Two national polls have been conducting nightly surveys since the former North Carolina senator departed the race, and both show his supporters moving more to Obama than Clinton. First, Gallup: Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as close as they have been since the polling program started at the beginning of 2008. Forty-four percent of Democratic voters nationwide support Clinton, while 41% support Obama, within the poll's three-point margin of error.

Hillary's "friends"
January 31, 2008

In 2006 The New Republic had an article by Ben Smith, currently of the Politico (then of the New York Daily News), narrating the smarmy tale of how Hillary Clinton was courting Rupert Murdoch. Let me confess to being a friend of Rupert's and even then finding the liason highly improbable, that is, any political liason between the two. I am reasonably sure, however, that Hillary thought she had made an ally and that the ally would come through during primary time.