Hillary Clinton

Optimistic Pessimism
February 05, 2008

My guess (and that's all it is) for how things will shake out today is that Hillary Clinton will do well, winning the states she's supposed to and most of the presumed toss-ups. Barack Obama may come close in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and even New Jersey, but my gut says he probably loses them all (though, as an Obama supporter, I'd be delighted to be wrong).

Confessions Of A Young Hillary Supporter
February 05, 2008

Here's your zeitgeist: Although we are rarely seen in the wild, young Hillary supporters do exist (not that I've ever met another one). To give you an idea of just how outnumbered we are among young voters, I turn to the most tested and reliable gauge of all things collegiate: Facebook. Earlier this fall, Facebook added an application that allows members to declare the candidate they support on their main profile page. Hillary Clinton makes a respectable showing with 88,159 supporters. Barack Obama on the other hand, trounces her with 353,757 supporters.

I'm Not Convinced
February 05, 2008

Earlier, Jason pointed to a novel argument for Hillary Clinton's candidacy being advanced up by past(?) Clinton apparatchik Lanny Davis (and, perhaps, Terry McAuliffe as well): specifically, that she'd be more likely, as nominee, to pick Barack Obama as her v.p. than he'd be to pick her. Leave aside, for a moment, the defensiveness and inanity of this suggestion.

Celebrity Cash
February 03, 2008

There's an article in the Metro section of Sunday's Times which may not have been included in the on-line edition. It reported on the contributions of selected celebrities to the various candidates. Ah, a very important dispatch. Clip it, save it. Hasn't the Times got more significant news to tell on the newspaper of record?In any case, Alec Baldwin, the intellectual lightweight of the Hollywood left, gave $2,000 to Hillary Clinton.

Where Are Edwards' Supporters Going?
February 01, 2008

Two national polls have been conducting nightly surveys since the former North Carolina senator departed the race, and both show his supporters moving more to Obama than Clinton. First, Gallup: Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as close as they have been since the polling program started at the beginning of 2008. Forty-four percent of Democratic voters nationwide support Clinton, while 41% support Obama, within the poll's three-point margin of error.

Hillary's "friends"
January 31, 2008

In 2006 The New Republic had an article by Ben Smith, currently of the Politico (then of the New York Daily News), narrating the smarmy tale of how Hillary Clinton was courting Rupert Murdoch. Let me confess to being a friend of Rupert's and even then finding the liason highly improbable, that is, any political liason between the two. I am reasonably sure, however, that Hillary thought she had made an ally and that the ally would come through during primary time.

What To Do About Bill?
January 31, 2008

From Joe Klein's very good column about how Bill is spoiling Hillary's campaign: It is entirely possible that Hillary Clinton will win this nomination. One on one, she simply seems stronger than Obama. But two on one, she seems weaker. And if she wins the nomination, you can bet the co-presidency question will be front and center in the general election. It is, therefore, vital that she address it now. She's got to say something like, "Bill's a fighter, and he got a little too feisty these past few weeks.

Why The Clinton-kazakhstan Story Matters
January 31, 2008

Chris just flagged a Josh Marshall item about the Clinton-Kazakhstan story which, like Chris, I think is a little off the mark. Josh writes that: One point that should not go unmentioned is that what former President Clinton is described as doing in that Times article is little different from what the first President Bush has done in his post-presidency. And his son is the president. So if it would be a problem with Bill, and I think it would be, it unquestionably is already a problem with the current president's dad. And no one has seemed to much bother about it.

Dean 2.0
January 30, 2008

What Barack Obama owes to people-powered Howard.

The Killer Question
January 30, 2008

The last time I saw Benazir Bhutto was over dinner at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., three weeks before her October return to Pakistan. She was in enormously good spirits, almost effervescent. The years in the political wilderness looked like they were coming to an end. But, at one point, the conversation took a more serious turn as she began discussing the mysterious death of General Zia, the dictator who had hanged her father in 1979.Zia died in a plane accident in Pakistan nine years later.