Hillary Clinton

Nevada (early) Post-caucus Roundup
January 19, 2008

Key statistic: Hillary Clinton picked up 64 percent of the Latino vote. Ben Smith thinks that the Hillary camp's talk of voter suppression helped turnout non-union workers in the casinos.

For Once, I Defend Hillary
January 18, 2008

I assume that Hillary Clinton meant no offense to Martin Luther King, Jr. when she said -- justifiably -- that his spiritual and cultural achievements needed to be concretized in law, and that it was Lyndon Johnson to whom credit belongs for realizing the struggle into institutions and policy. Of course, she said it in shorthand which left her vulnerable. But that is certainly what she meant, and it is historically and constitutionally correct. Only the paranoid or the truly cynical would ascribe to her a racism that has never been a part of her life.

How Experienced Is Hillary?
January 18, 2008

Hollywood super-agent Ari Gold Emanuel has a few questions about Hillary Clinton's "35 years of experience making change": Well, Senator Clinton, I'm confused. I've done the math. You're 60, which means that 35 years ago you were 25. And I Googled your name, looking for all the change you were making as a 25 year old and, frankly, I'm not finding much. You were going to Yale Law School at the time -- which I'm sure was a personally transformative experience, but it's hardly the kind of change that should count on one's Presidential Training Experience resume, is it?

Is That Hillary Clinton Talking? Or Grover Norquist?
January 17, 2008

Barack Obama has taken a lot of grief for appropriating right-wing talking points.  And rightly so.  Consider health care.  When he has argued against "forcing" people to buy insurance, as Hillary Clinton and John Edwards have proposed to do, he undermined the case for an individual mandate -- something virtually every expert agrees is necessary to achieve truly universal coverage.  But look who's talking like a conservative now.

Speaking Of Endorsements
January 16, 2008

I know a few bloggers have questioned the value of an endorsement that takes shots at the candidate being endorsed, as the Las Vegas Review Journal does in its Obama endorsement today. But I still think it could help him. If for no other reason than that it completely lays into Hillary. It's like a widely-circulated piece of negative mail that is in no way traceable to your campaign. Here's how the editorial begins: As state Democrats prepare to hold their Saturday caucuses, cynical Republicans might well encourage them to choose Sen.

Breaking News: Clinton Surrogates Show No Class
January 14, 2008

Given that cable news and the internet are abuzz with talk of Robert Johnson's despicable allusions to Obama's teenage drug use, I was curious to see what Clinton surrogates would be saying about the matter. And, sure enough, Chris Matthews had Sheila Jackson Lee, an African-American Congresswoman from Texas, on to talk about the campaign (she's a big Clinton supporter). Anyway, Matthews asked her what she thought about the comments. She conspiculously did not even try to address the question, instead blathering on about Hillary's heart.

Hillary On Obama's Anti-war Cred
January 14, 2008

Like Matt Yglesias, I don't entirely get what Hillary Clinton is aiming for by raising questions about Obama's war-opposition. Yes, Obama toned down his opposition once he arrived in the Senate. But, as Matt says, "Russ Feingold's not his opponent. Hillary Clinton is." And, at pretty much every step of the way, Hillary was either where Obama was or to the right of him on this issue.

Does Edwards Prefer Obama?
January 11, 2008

I do this with great trepidation, but I think I'm going to have to disagree with Dan Balz, who, wondering if/when John Edwards will drop out, writes: In a largely two-person race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it's clear where Edwards's sentiments lie. If he can't be the nominee, he strongly prefers Obama to Clinton. If there were any doubt before, his performance in the Jan. 5 New Hampshire debate answered that question definitively.

Kennedy Not Endorsing Soon
January 11, 2008

Apart from Al Gore, the most prized Democratic endorsement still out there belongs to the senior senator from Massachusetts. Both the Obama and Clinton camps have been working Kennedy hard. But I'm told not to expect him to pick a side before February 5. (My off-the-cuff hunch, incidentally, is that that's a letdown for Hillary Clinton. Kennedy is a real creature of Washington who worked well with the Clinton White House and has backed establishment candidates--Al Gore, John Kerry--in past primary fights. I would think his default choice would be Hillary.

Quote Of The Day
January 11, 2008

"We treat these problems as if one is guacamole and one is chips, when ... they both go together." --Hillary Clinton, in a heavily Latino Las Vegas-area neighborhood, January 10. Relatedly, today's WSJ has a look at Clinton's efforts to court Latino voters. No mention of the Do the Right Thing factor, though. P.S.