Hillary Clinton

Clintoncare, The Sequel
September 17, 2007

In a few hours, Hillary Clinton will be rolling out her health care plan before an audience in Iowa. When she does, I'll have more to say on it. But here's what I can tell you now, based on interviews with her advisers and some outside experts over the last few days. As Laura Meckler first reported in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Clinton's plan is very ambitious -- as far-reaching, in the broad sense, as the one John Edwards first proposed back in January. Indeed, the basic framework of the Clinton plan is strikingly simliar to that in the Edwards plan.

Unified Clinton Theory
September 16, 2007

In the past week or so Hillary Clinton has scored two interesting endorsements: Wesley Clark and Magic Johnson. The former NATO general and ex-NBA star could hardly have less in common, right? Wrong. Two words: Ron and Burkle. [First link via Swampland] P.S. Notice that Clark endorsed, with all the attendant media buzz, less than two weeks after the publication of his new book. Very clever. More: Ben Smith notes that Hillary actually plugged the thing in the endorsement conference call. P.P.S. In addition to my recent item, there's more on Magic's shilling for private equity tax breaks here.

Obama's Iraq Week
September 14, 2007

Obama's swing through Iowa was all about Iraq. After delivering his initial address in Clinton, he held four town hall-style forums in the eastern part of the state. Before taking questions he opened each event with a 15-minute condensation of his Wednesday Iraq speech. His campaign also distributed Iraq-specific campaign brochures to supporters. One of them is headlined, "BARACK OBAMA: Opposed to the Iraq War from the Very Start." Printed on one side are the particulars of Obama's plans for a US withdrawal from the country.

Obama Goes To Clinton (iowa)
September 11, 2007

A couple of hours at an insidious Washington-insider cocktail party last night confirmed the Beltway CW: that Barack Obama blew a vital opening earlier this year to become the Democratic primary frontrunner, and that his campaign may well have peaked already. That's probably unfair--Hillary Clinton is smashing him in national polls and now leading handily in New Hampshire and South Carolina, but Obama is still effectively tied with Clinton (and John Edwards) in Iowa, a state on which he may wind up banking his candidacy.

Not Necessarily Stoned But... Beautiful
September 06, 2007

Via email, a couple of interesting reactions to my post about Hillary and experience. Here's one from someone on Capitol Hill who supports Obama: You touch on an issue that most folks have ignored to date. Hillary is billing herself as the candidate of experience, yet she has served in public office for only six months more than John Edwards and four years more than Barack Obama (less when you count his time in the IL legislature).

But First: Are You Experienced?
September 05, 2007

Hillary Clinton unveiled a new advertisement today, which you can find below. Its thrust is "change," but the new theme of her campaign is a mashup of "change" and "experience." As HRC said in New Hampshire this weekend: "'Change' is just a word without the strength and experience to make it happen. And I know some people think you have to choose between change and experience. Well, with me you don't have to choose." So far this "experience" theme seems to be keeping Hillary in the lead over Barack Obama. But what does she really mean when she talks about "experience"?

Get Fired Up!
September 02, 2007

Hillary, is this why you are really fired up? Please cut the crap. Friday's Boston Globe features a story headlined: "Clinton says N.H.

Quote Of The Day
August 30, 2007

John Edwards neatly sums up both his primary dilemma and his general-election rationale: "I think most journalists would agree that I'm the most progressive, Senator Obama next, and Senator Clinton closest to the center. But I'd be willing to bet that if you ask most Americans the same question, they'd reverse it." That's not only, he says, because "she's a woman and he's an African American and Ah talk lahk thee-is. It's simple geography. Ask Middle Americans: You've got three Democratic candidates. One's from New York, one's from Chicago and one's from rural North Carolina.

Hillary's Homecoming
August 27, 2007

The old Methodist Tabernacle on Martha's Vineyard was transformed into a high temple of liberalism on Saturday evening when Hillary Clinton came to address her core constituency. The Vineyard has become a campaign crossroads this week, with John Edwards passing through just before Hillary, and Barack Obama zooming in just afterwards. But Hillary's event had by far the highest profile, selling more than 2,000 tickets at $50 each, while Edwards ran a much smaller fundraiser, and Obama has limited himself to an exclusive, $1000 per person function.

Clinton's Pals On Wall Street
August 21, 2007

I don't know whether this is news or not. But I found it in my Financial Times clippings of August 9, just a week before the Wall Street tsunami. My friend and and very impressive old student Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs and probably the most significant banker in America, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. This followed an earlier endorsement of Clinton by John Mack, the CEO of Morgan Stanley and one of President Bush's biggest fundraisers.