Hillary Clinton

Fighting The Last War
July 06, 2007

A couple days ago Noam made the smart point that Hillary Clinton is executing a campaign strategy that she drew up for a political environment that doesn't actually match the political environment she's now competing in.

O'reilly's Latest
June 22, 2007

Here's an excerpt from a transcript of Bill O'Reilly's interview with a Democratic consultant. O'Reilly seems to have discovered a new tactic when he doesn't like what someone is saying: Pretend they make no sense. And then move on. O'REILLY: Why do you think the far left is disenchanted with [Hillary Clinton]? Why?SWANSON: Well, I think that she has put herself in a position to explain a little too much in terms of her past votes.

Dowd On Clinton
June 21, 2007

"You and I" it is. I've never met you and it surely isn't me. The "I" is Hillary Clinton. First person singular. Except it is two people plural, Hillary and Bill. Do we really want their high-wire act again? I don't know whom Maureen Dowd likes among the candidates. Maybe she like none of them. But she surely doesn't like Hillary. She makes a grand case against the Missus. And Dowd is well, hilarious. Beware: with Hillary Clinton also comes the simpering black lady poet Maya Angelou, the only one worse being belle hooks. Yes, without capital letters.

We Have A Winner!
June 20, 2007

By now you know that yesterday Hillary Clinton chose a lame Celine Dion song as her campaign anthem. But maybe it's not too late to change her mind. Thus, today the Plank announces the winner of its own exciting Hillary theme song contest. This was a tough one. Hillary means many different things to different people. Lots of entries were great but narrowly-focused. Thus I've chosen finalists for a few popular thematic categories. (Click the embedded videos one time to play them.

Hillary Soprano
June 19, 2007

Mike is not a "Sopranos" watcher and thus can be forgiven for missing that Hillary Clinton's recent web announcement was a play on the show's last episode. I confess I'm a little surprised that Hillary would explicitly compare herself to Tony Soprano, particularly at a moment when many viewers, with some reason, believe he was about to get whacked.

Who Cares Who's For Whom?
June 17, 2007

I CONFESS. I didn't know who Darryl McDaniels was until I read an article about his political opinions in this week's New York Observer. I am not exactly sure that I know now either. But, to put other rap illiterates in the neighborhood like me, he's the founder of Run-D.M.C., which the weekly paper for the rich Upper East Side characterizes as "the immortal, pioneering rap group [that] ... smashed Billboard records with songs like 'Walk This Way,' 'Raising Hell' and 'My Adidas'." Wow! As I said, I didn't know any of this.

For Obama
June 13, 2007

Apropos Jonathan Chait's Plank, "More Poll Chewing," on the dismal showing of Hillary Clinton against any and all potential Republican presidential candidates, the question arises: is the party committing suicide, and just when it has had some life breathed into it? I asked that question in 1988 when the party, in a fit of enthusiasm for a real stiff, nominated Mike Dukakis. I mentioned his name at a dinner party the other night, a dinner party of grown-ups and well-educated grown-ups, at that. And one of the guests, a psychiatrist, asked who he was.

Even More Poll Chewing
June 13, 2007

One day after the LA Times poll that showed Hillary Clinton having a massive electability problem, here's a Quinnipiac Poll out today that suggests maybe she doesn't. Some of the key findings: New York Sen. Hillary Clinton gets 45 percent to Giuliani's 44 percent; Illinois Sen. Barack Obama ties Giuliani 42 - 42 percent and former Vice President Al Gore gets 45 percent to Giuliani's 43 percent. . .

Mock Debate
June 11, 2007

Occasionally, the presidential primary debates serve as a forum for substantive exchanges on important issues. Most of the time, however, they feature rants and raves from the talented and crazy alike. Take this clip, for example, from the first Democratic debate, in which former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel harangues the top-tier candidates (and Joe Biden) about pre-emptive nuclear strikes: The key to winning the "debates" is not to present nuanced or reasonable arguments about policy. It's about getting in the best soundbite.

Conventional-wisdom Roundup
June 04, 2007

One candidate seems to have emerged as the consensus winner of last night's Democratic debate: Hillary Clinton. Here's a sampling of opinion from around the Internet. Andrew Sullivan, Daily Dish "There were times when her robo-lecture act began to wear down my ear-drums, but, in general, Senator Clinton bestrode the debate as an authoritative figure. In fact, I've never witnessed a U.S. political debate in which a woman clearly dominated as she did tonight... It kills me to admit it. But there you are. And as it sinks in, a dreadful specter emerges. Think June 2008. Think Romney vs Clinton.