Hillary Clinton

This Is What 2016 Looks Like
March 11, 2015

Clinton's email and the Republicans' Iran letter foreshadow a messy race.

Everything Hillary Clinton Does Is About Gender, Even When It's Not
March 10, 2015

The very first question Hillary took at her press conference was about whether she’d face so much scrutiny if it weren't for mean sexists.

Hillary Clinton Is Not Ready for Prime Time
March 04, 2015

Democrats desperately need Elizabeth Warren to run.

Why Isn't the Oil Industry Worried About Hillary Clinton?
March 02, 2015

They're more worried about her campaign chair, it seems.  

Why Did Hillary Clinton Give Republicans Such Easy Ammunition?
February 27, 2015

Yet another mistake from the presumptive Democratic nominee.

President Obama's Plan to Become the Next Ronald Reagan
February 23, 2015

The White House is pitching the idea to political reporters.

Obama Went on the War Path in 2014 Not Just for His Legacy, But Hillary's Too
December 28, 2014

Everything you thought you knew about the next two years is wrong.