Hillary Clinton

Has She No Shame? Yes, She Has No Shame
March 03, 2007

Barack Obama announced a few weeks ago that he would join (my old friend and comrade) Rep. John Lewis on the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama to mark the anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," March 7, 1965, when the state police beat the hell out of peaceful civil right demonstrators... and bashed the skull of Lewis, then head of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

Hillary And Health Care
March 02, 2007

One more thing about the New York Times poll that Cohn mentioned earlier: Hillary Clinton's numbers are pretty bad. Here's the Times: Looking ahead to the presidential campaign, 36 percent of Americans polled said they had confidence in the ability of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York, to "make the right decisions on health care," while 49 percent said they were uneasy about her.But Mrs.

Where Have You Gone, Bob Woodward?
February 27, 2007

Over my bowl of cereal this morning, I saw a front page headline on The Washington Post: "CLINTONS' CHARITY NOT LISTED ON SENATE DISCLOSURE FORMS." Upon reading this, my first, split-second thought was, "This has to be a John Solomon story." Indeed it is, along with a co-reporter.

Obama's Electability
February 26, 2007

Regarding the Zogby poll Mike referenced below, I think the most interesting part is at the bottom of the article. Check out this chart of potential general election matchups: Giuliani 47%, Clinton 40% Giuliani 40%, Obama 46% Giuliani 46%, Edwards 40% McCain 47%, Clinton 39% McCain 40%, Obama 44% McCain 47%, Edwards 38% Romney 35%, Clinton 45% Romney 29%, Obama 51% Romney 32%, Edwards 47% Right now Romney would lose badly to any Democrat.

King Or Candidate?
February 23, 2007

Former Gore spinner Chris Lehane tells the NYT this about the Obama-Hillary spat: "If you're to run as something fundamentally different--the philosopher king--you have to have a campaign that is completely different," said Mr. Lehane, who has not endorsed a candidate. "Long term, there is peril here for Obama: if he is presenting a message that he represents a new style of governance, once you start to engage in the back and forth, you really diminish this kind of message." I disagree--and I think Lehane knows better. Why?

Dept. Of Non-credible Threats
February 23, 2007

Maybe I just don't know what it's like to receive one of Hillary Clinton's Sopranos-like appeals, but her strategy of forcing donors to pick sides in her recently-joined death-match with Obama strikes me as pretty unlikely to work: For weeks, the Clinton campaign has been dealing with the threat from Mr. Obama aggressively, if not in such a public way as it did on Wednesday. Mrs.

Home Boy
February 19, 2007

SOMEWHERE ALONG U.S. ROUTE 20, IOWA  “I think I’m making political history,” Tom Vilsack tells me. It’s a frigid January night, and we’re in an SUV barreling down a lonely stretch of highway amid the fallow cornfields of eastern Iowa. With the speedometer nudging 70 miles per hour, we’re headed to the tiny city of Independence, where a restaurant is hosting an event for Vilsack’s presidential campaign.

Biden Time
February 19, 2007

JOE BIDEN IS THE REASON Barack Obama was smart to run for president. He’s a textbook example of why lengthy service in the U.S. Senate makes it harder to win the White House. Once upon a time, Biden—elected to the Senate at age 29—was a politicalup-and-comer. He was brainy but blue-collar: a Catholic from a state that is more culturally conservative than it seems. And he was eloquent. People forget, but Biden is one of the best speechmakers in the Democratic Party. When he ran for president in 1988, passion was his forte. Sure, he was undisciplined, but so was Bill Clinton.

Hillary's Feminist Tightrope
February 19, 2007

Down in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton says "this presidential election is about breaking barriers." But what she means is gender barriers, not racial ones, because she goes on to say that "I am the candidate with the experience to break the barriers." (And you're apparently not, Obama.) It'll be interesting to see how hard she works this barrier-breaking theme. To take one useful precedent, I recall that Nancy Pelosi often hemmed and hawed about whether her gender was in and of itself an argument for her political advancement.

Hillary Clinton On Her Iraq War Vote
February 13, 2007

In New Hampshire on Saturday, Senator Hillary Clinton got visibly testy when a voter asked her if she would admit, without nuance, that her vote to authorize the Iraq war was a mistake. Her reply began with the tired claim that she had "taken responsibility for that vote." Which means what? "Taking responsibility" in contemporary political discourse means you want to change the subject. And, her demeanor suggested that, only three weeks into the race, she is already tired of defending her Iraq war vote.