Hillary Clinton

Buttering Up Hillary

Below, Jamie Kirchick has what strikes me as an odd post about Robert Reich. He refers to Reich as "co-founder of a magazine called The American Prospect." If he's truly unfamiliar with it, he could ask me, Jonathan Cohn, Richard Just, or Jason Zengerle, who started out at TAP before ascending to TNR. Reich's main sin is that he recalled going to a movie with a young Hillary Clinton and saying: "She wanted a lot of butter on her popcorn," Mr. Reich said on his blog. "A lot of butter. Significant? You be the judge." Jamie says this is "pathetic." I don't get that at all.

"i'm No Hillary"
August 02, 2007

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the first lady of Argentina who is running to succeed her husband as president of the country that Juan Peron and Evita Peron once ruled, does not like the comparisons often made (like mine) between herself and Hillary Clinton. Reuters has it as a big story: "I'm no Hillary Clinton."

Covering The Debate Coverage

The votes are in: commentators mooned over the format (this will change all Presidential debate forever!), identified some mistakes (both gun nut- and blouse-related), appreciated Edwards' boldness, and were pained, pained to declare Hillary the winner. YouTube Forever! Katherine Q. Seelye, The Caucus "The videos added such a personal element and an unpredictable element, and made the debate seem so broadly open to everyone in the country, that it seems unlikely that future debates will not include them." Rick Klein, The Note "The biggest winner?

Hillary To Guest Star On "24"?

Having never seen "24," I'll defer to Chris's judgment that "the show is beyond politics altogether--or, perhaps more accurately, beneath them." But that hasn't stopped numerous conservative commentators (not to mention the odd Supreme Court Justice) from trying to make political hay out of the show. So, given the current Democratic frontrunner in the '08 presidential race, it's probably worth noting that for the show's seventh and upcoming season, the president on "24" will be a woman.

Fighting The Last War

A couple days ago Noam made the smart point that Hillary Clinton is executing a campaign strategy that she drew up for a political environment that doesn't actually match the political environment she's now competing in.

O'reilly's Latest

Here's an excerpt from a transcript of Bill O'Reilly's interview with a Democratic consultant. O'Reilly seems to have discovered a new tactic when he doesn't like what someone is saying: Pretend they make no sense. And then move on. O'REILLY: Why do you think the far left is disenchanted with [Hillary Clinton]? Why?SWANSON: Well, I think that she has put herself in a position to explain a little too much in terms of her past votes.

Dowd On Clinton
June 21, 2007

"You and I" it is. I've never met you and it surely isn't me. The "I" is Hillary Clinton. First person singular. Except it is two people plural, Hillary and Bill. Do we really want their high-wire act again? I don't know whom Maureen Dowd likes among the candidates. Maybe she like none of them. But she surely doesn't like Hillary. She makes a grand case against the Missus. And Dowd is well, hilarious. Beware: with Hillary Clinton also comes the simpering black lady poet Maya Angelou, the only one worse being belle hooks. Yes, without capital letters.

We Have A Winner!

By now you know that yesterday Hillary Clinton chose a lame Celine Dion song as her campaign anthem. But maybe it's not too late to change her mind. Thus, today the Plank announces the winner of its own exciting Hillary theme song contest. This was a tough one. Hillary means many different things to different people. Lots of entries were great but narrowly-focused. Thus I've chosen finalists for a few popular thematic categories. (Click the embedded videos one time to play them.

Hillary Soprano

Mike is not a "Sopranos" watcher and thus can be forgiven for missing that Hillary Clinton's recent web announcement was a play on the show's last episode. I confess I'm a little surprised that Hillary would explicitly compare herself to Tony Soprano, particularly at a moment when many viewers, with some reason, believe he was about to get whacked.

Who Cares Who's For Whom?
June 17, 2007

I CONFESS. I didn't know who Darryl McDaniels was until I read an article about his political opinions in this week's New York Observer. I am not exactly sure that I know now either. But, to put other rap illiterates in the neighborhood like me, he's the founder of Run-D.M.C., which the weekly paper for the rich Upper East Side characterizes as "the immortal, pioneering rap group [that] ... smashed Billboard records with songs like 'Walk This Way,' 'Raising Hell' and 'My Adidas'." Wow! As I said, I didn't know any of this.