Hillary Clinton

Who Do Moderate Democrats Favor?
April 26, 2007

Tom Schaller takes note of a poll showing that Hillary Clinton is unpopular among independents, and then concludes, "What's interesting about this finding is that voices from the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, who incessantly emphasize the importance of independent voters in general elections, find that their favorite daughter candidate is the one most struggling with the very voters they deem pivotal." Favorite daughter? It's certainly true that Clinton is running as a moderate, but is she the favorite candidate of moderate Democrats? I've never thought so.

A Star Is Born
April 26, 2007

With 3725 votes cast in a DailyKos poll asking who won tonight's debate, Mike Gravel is ahead of Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and (of course) Hillary Clinton. Update: At about 6000 votes Edwards is the clear winner, a shade ahead of Obama. (And Hillary has edged ahead of Gravel...) --Michael Crowley

April 24, 2007

Two articles in the Times this morning must have given Hillary Clinton the hives. One was just a note in the Arts section headlined "Carl Bernstein's Hillary Clinton Book Due in June." Knopf has moved the pub date up from the fall, and did that on the day the author handed in his last pages. The book, to be called A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be 640 pages long in print.

Hillary Pilloried
April 18, 2007

A new Gallup poll shows that Hillary Clinton's favorability ratings are near an all-time low: Her current 45% favorable rating is one of the lowest Gallup has measured for her since 1993.... "The recent decline in her image appears to be broad-based, as it is evident among most key subgroups," Gallup reports. In the latest poll, conducted April 13-15, 2007, more Americans say they have an unfavorable (52%) than a favorable view (45%) of Clinton.

A Modest Proposal
April 12, 2007

by John Callahan As a letter writer, it's taken me years to get comfortable with e-mails, more time still to grasp the nature of a blog. Finally, seeing that Richard Stern, whom I've known second hand through his fiction and our mutual friendship with Ralph Ellison, survived forays into the unliterary territories of Obama's inexperience and Imus's ad feminam mimicry of hip-hop, I'm ready to get my feet wet. I have a modest proposal for Hillary and Bill Clinton or is it Bill and Hillary Clinton: That's part of the problem, one cannot tell.

Hillary And The Marines
April 09, 2007

Some conservatives are skeptical about the strange episode, mentioned in my recent story about Hillary Clinton and Iraq, in which Hillary inquired about joining the US Marines in 1975. (This anecdote was first reported after Hillary disclosed it to a group of female veterans in 1994, but it seems to have largely been forgotten since.) Today NRO's Jim Geraghty is asking, "has anyone besides Hillary ever confirmed this story?" Not to my knowledge, although I personally find it harder than anti-Hillary conservatives to believe she would make such a thing out of whole cloth.

Hillary's War
April 02, 2007

In October 2000, Hillary Clinton was entering the home stretch of one of the most unusual Senate campaigns in American history. Although her husband still occupied the Oval Office, she had decamped to a Dutch Colonial in Westchester County to run for the seat of retiring New York Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan. To compensate for the fact that she had never actually lived in the state she intended to represent, she immersed herself in Empire State minutiae. Off the top of her head, she would describe in detail the virtues of the Northeast dairy compact and the rate of upstate job growth.

Spouse In The House
April 02, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards declares she has no interest in attending her husband's cabinet meetings if John is elected president. This of course is a response to Rudy Giuliani's (now mostly retracted) suggestion that his wife might. Far more interesting to me is how Hillary Clinton will handle this question. Will Bill attend cabinet meetings? Weigh in on foreign policy crises? Will he keep running his foundation--and if so how much time will he spend in the White House? Hillary has said he'll be "ambassador to the world," whatever that means.

Hillary's Bad Vibes
April 01, 2007

My, my. Hillary Clinton has raised $26 million in early 2006. Will that put the fear of God or anxiety about the electorate into Barack Obama? I doubt it. I suspect he can put together as much cash as she has, and spend it more wisely. In any case, Hillary's instructions to herself have to be to reverse the bad vibes millions and millions of liberals feel about her. That will be hard to do. In doing it, she may even intensify the bad vibes. Let's face it: she is not a pleasant person. Nothing will take away her meanness.

Building Codes
March 26, 2007

In a spacious Hilton ballroom yesterday, surrounded by middle-aged construction workers with their arms folded and collars unbuttoned, Joe Biden is barking into his microphone. "With or without your endorsement," he declares, "I'm going to be the best friend labor has ever had in the White House!" It's an outlandish claim--FDR? Harry Truman?--but not out of place.