Hillary Clinton

Would Edwards Really Not Endorse Hillary?
November 13, 2007

Today's NYT notes that John Edwards refused to offer the standard answer to the standard question about whether he'll endorse Hillary Clinton should she win the Democratic nomination: Between campaign appearances last week, as he rode through eastern Iowa in his campaign van, Mr. Edwards declined to answer whether he would support Mrs. Clinton. “I’m not willing to talk about that at this point,” he said, waiting silently until the next question was asked. I don't think this is that surprising.

Obama Shines In Iowa
November 11, 2007

  Barack Obama's speech at tonight's Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa took him back to the roots of his stardom. Crucially, the setting was  similar to that of the 2004 Democratic national convention, where Obama's keynote speech changed his destiny: Obama appeared onstage alone, before a roaring auditorium crowd, delivering an oratorically ambitious speech. It was a far cry from the candidate debates, with their silly questions and Mike Gravels, which have diminished Obama--or his sometimes lackluster town hall meetings with voters.

Richardson Angling For Hillary's Veep?
November 10, 2007

Bill Richardson just finished his remarks, and they could have been written by the besieged Hillary Clinton. Or this passage, at least: It is critically important that Democrats not tear each other down. I believe it is okay to point out policy differences--on Iraq, on Iran... [but] the voters of Iowa, they want a positive campaign. They want us to talk about the future. Coming right after a tough speech by John Edwards implicitly casting Hillary as a dishonest coporate shill (more on that to come), it almost seemed like a direct rebuke of Edwards.

The Clinton Campaign Plants A Question
November 10, 2007

Yesterday I did a post about the analogy between Hillary Clinton in 2008 and Richard Nixon in 1968, the upshot of which was that, in order to win, a respected-but-not-loved candidate like Nixon or Hillary has to be relentlessly stage-managed. I cited the televised forums Nixon did with voters as an example of the kind of thing that was pretty effective in '68. The forums looked spontaneous but were actually highly choreographed.

Hillary Clinton Is Making Sense
November 08, 2007

Joe Klein has a nice piece in Time based on on interview he did with Hillary Clinton a few days ago. The most interesting nugget: Just before our interview, Clinton gave a speech launching her energy-independence proposal. It would drastically reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by auctioning off permits to pollute and is similar to Obama's--but Obama has added a fillip of honesty by telling his audiences that the program might result in higher energy prices.

Parents To Hrc: Stay Away From My Kid!
November 08, 2007

The Des Moines Register reports that a conference billed as "Parents 2008: Putting Children on the National Agenda" will take place in New York today. The agenda? Duh. Unlike Italy, Japan and now Iran, our procreative society is hardly in short supply of young'uns. How we care for the 40 million children under ten is a fine descriptor of the state of our union. Education, health care, green spaces and after-school support all factor in.

'to Be The Man, You Gotta Beat The (wo)man'
November 08, 2007

I think Noam and Joe Trippi are both right that 2008 is not 2004--and that John Edwards won't be reprising the role of Dick Gephardt, who, in the process of torpedoing Howard Dean in four years ago, managed to sink his own candidacy as well. Which would seem to be bad news for Barack Obama, who, if '08 really were a repeat of '04, would be playing the John Kerry role and would win the nomination after the Edwards-Hillary murder-suicide.  The biggest reason '08 won't be like '04 is because Hillary Clinton is not like Howard Dean.

Hillary Abroad
November 06, 2007

Alex Massie flips through Hillary Clinton's autobiography and comes away unimpressed: [I]t seems that it is an effort to have her cake and eat it (surprise!) for Hillary to talk up her foreign policy expertise based upon her travels as First Lady when her own autobiography confirms that her overseas  travels scarcely touched upon the major issues of the day. Micro-finance is grand, but it's not nuclear proliferation. --Michael Crowley 

Hillary's Not Reassuring
November 06, 2007

Hillary Clinton has laid out her foreign policy in the magazine Foreign Affairs.  It is for sure that she did not write the article that appears under her name.  This is probably true for all the writings attributed to political leaders who appear in this journal (and others), the tribute publishing pays to plagiarism.Still, it is for now the place you can get her take, and the take in which I am especially interested: the case of Israel and the Palestinians.  After all, she is now the hard liner in the Democratic Party -- or, at least, the hard liner among the presidential hopefuls.  Which ma