Not in Moderation
November 01, 2010

Partisanship is almost always just beneath the surface of most writing about the Middle East. Gilbert Achcar’s book is no exception.

The Monster
October 27, 2010

A famine is frightful thing to contemplate, not least because we have the ability to contemplate it. If you have not experienced war, the veteran info

The Four Tops
October 14, 2010

The scorpions in the title of Noah Feldman’s book are four Supreme Court justices appointed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt between 1937 and 1941. They

Eleven Days That Shook the World
September 23, 2010

Richard Overy's ingenious and enthralling book, 1939: Countdown to War, is short but detailed, and it covers no more than the days from August 24 to S

The Chroniclers
September 20, 2010

In assembling his composite portrait of the last century, Robert Fox aimed at the “magical effect of giving the reader the sensation of being there at

A Tumultuous Time
September 17, 2010

Any reader who invests the time and money to read the book, or read in it, will find it very rewarding—and not just because of the wealth of informati

The Man
September 16, 2010

The batture is Oliver Houck’s literary diving board, a jumping-off point for droll and poignant ruminations about life and Louisiana—its sorry history

They Died With Their Myths On
September 08, 2010

In 1875, soon after an Army expedition led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong discovered gold in the Black Hills, the United States sought to clea

Warriors, Hot and Cold
September 02, 2010

Paul Nitze’s grandson has written a dual biography of George Kennan ('the dove') and Nitze ('the hawk'), which aims to illustrate how the United State

Hope and Play
August 25, 2010

Readers of history should be grateful for the appearance of this short book. Natalie Zemon Davis is not only one of the greatest living historians—the