Heirs to the Throne
May 11, 2010

As Robert Alter puts it in his new study, America, even more than England itself, was affected by a “biblicizing impulse”: “It was in America that the

Colonial Burden
May 06, 2010

Ted Morgan’s new book about Dien Bien Phu documents the moment when the politics of Vietnam pivoted, and the liberal faith that anti-colonialism and a

Modern Times
May 05, 2010

Eric Nelson’s magnificent book is a trim and incisive scholarly history that aims to show how something called the Hebrew Republic “transformed politi

Pews and Picket Lines
May 03, 2010

The heroic era of civil rights struggles is not remembered as a women’s movement, but watching the old news footage of some demonstrations—the Montgom

Spy Games
April 30, 2010

A nearly flawless true-life picaresque, Ben McIntyre’s new book zeroes in on one of the few times in war history when excessive literary imagination,

April 26, 2010

If the generals really plan to spend a year reviewing the policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” they should have plenty of time to read James Lord’s My Q

What is a Religion?
April 23, 2010

Buruma certainly writes with authority throughout the book, marshaling an impressive range of arguments and evidence, as well as issuing informed judg

Scenes from English Life
April 22, 2010

Other historians have treated high politics and the drama of international affairs as their main themes, and set them against a lightly-sketched backg

Types of Murder
April 19, 2010

Fellman makes the ancillary case that religious zealotry motivated all these actors, implying that a fever for holy war afflicted Christian Americans

April 12, 2010

Although Canetti was always a writer of huge ambition, and did not hesitate to speak of his own “inhumane” and “abhorrent” self-esteem, he displays in