Archie Bunker's America: The GOP Takeover of Family Values
December 20, 2012

In Robert O Self's view, the 1970s culture war was central to the decade's political struggles.

Hands On—Does Handwriting Matter?
December 18, 2012

Philip Hensher's historical account of handwriting loses sight of how deeply personal the medium is.

The Lost Generation: The End of the Russian Aristocracy
December 12, 2012

The downfall of the Russian nobility brought about the end of Russia itself.

The Storyteller—Thomas Jefferson’s Political Calculations
December 04, 2012

Jon Meacham has chosen storytelling over analysis, offering up a genial but meandering narrative.

Rebel Without a Cause—A Narrow Approach to the American Revolution
November 30, 2012

Phillips's insistence on the primacy of 1775 as “the pivotal year” creates more problems than it solves.

East is East and West is West: Al Afghani, Tagore, and Qichao
November 12, 2012

The melancholy embrace into which East and West have fallen is the leitmotif of Mishra’s new book, a group biography of three Asian intellectuals.

The Professor: Jill Lepore's Fatal Flaw
November 04, 2012

The virtues of this collection are overshadowed by Lepore’s campaign against popular historians.

Poets, Protesters, and Proletarians—Oddballs of the Nineteenth Century
November 02, 2012

Seldes wanted to show that there was a greater logic to the apparent cacophony of nineteenth-century enthusiasms.

The End of a Friendship and the Start of the Cold War
October 30, 2012

For Frank Costigliola, the Cold War began the day Roosevelt died.

Why Democrats Need the White Working Class
October 24, 2012

What’s The Matter with White People is really about what’s the matter with the white working class.