QEDaily: Here's How the Poor Really Live
June 27, 2014

In a new survey, conservative voters said they thought the poor had it "easy." The evidence says otherwise.

Techies Are the New Puritans
December 11, 2013

Techies: The new puritans.

Another Tech Dude Dreams Up a Dumb Idea to Fix Homelessness
August 22, 2013

One of the curious contradictions of the tech world is that—despite being an industry predicated on exacting, scientific attention to detail—when it comes to the bigger picture, many in Silicon Valley tend towards a Utopian impracticality.

From the Stacks: Living the Walden Life
August 09, 2013

A reflection on the grittier side of being one with nature, and whether Henry David Thoreau really enjoyed it as much as he claimed to.

Silicon Valley Is Insensitive to Homeless People
July 29, 2013

According to his Twitter profile, Francis Pedraza, founder of Everest, seeks to lead his team "towards our vision of unlocking human potential." It's an interesting goal to consider in light of what Pedraza said last week.