How to Understand the Frailties of Life with HIV? Poetry
November 03, 2014

HIV/AIDS as a subject is best understood as an intensification of the eternal concerns of poetry—mortality, elegy, the difficulty of love.

Mississippi's Sex-Ed Classes Teach Kids That Homosexuality Is Illegal, Even Though It Isn't
April 07, 2014

Even though the Supreme Court has voided the state law against it.

What My Angry Critics Get Wrong About My Choice to Be Gay
February 06, 2014

I recently wrote in an essay for The New Republic that gayness is, at least for me, a choice. My critics’ response was immediate and unanimous: That's impossible, they replied, because science has proven that gays are born that way.

Записки из подполья
August 14, 2013

25 января Антон Красовский, лояльный Кремлю журналист, пригласил в свою программу на государственном канале Kontr TV группу трансвеститов.

Gays Storming Vatican!
June 12, 2013

In tomorrow's New York Times, Rachel Donadio has a hilarious piece on the Vatican's 'Gay Lobby,' which Pope Francis acknowledged this week in conversation. It seems that the previous Pope sent a dossier (dossier? really?

"Daddy, What's a Sperm Donor?"
May 08, 2013

This is the question I fear most.

Russia's Past Is Ever Present
February 08, 2013

The "homosexual propaganda" ban is traditionalism at its worst.

Hollywood Can't Handle Gay Sex
February 05, 2013

Tinseltown supports LGBT rights everywhere but the big screen.