house Of Cards

House of Cads
February 27, 2013

The psycho-sexual ordeal of reporting in Washington.

Kevin Spacey's Leading-Man Problem
February 05, 2013

Laura Bennett watched thirteen hours of "House of Cards" in one weekend. The show is haunting, but Kevin Spacey's performance left her cold.

Ian Richardson And "House Of Cards"
February 09, 2007

Ian Richardson, who played the lead role in what is far and away my favorite television series of all time, died today. The show was a twelve-hour trilogy ("House of Cards," "To Play the King," and "The Final Cut") that aired during the early 1990s on the BBC and was also broadcast in America on PBS. Richardson played a Machiavellian, ultra-conservative Tory politician who was, more or less, a cross between Margaret Thatcher and Richard III.