The Pleasures Of MSNBC
January 03, 2008

Historical Analogies Run Amok: Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have just compared Obama's victory to Lexington and Concord and the election of 1932 and the American Civil War. They neglected the obvious Glorious Revolution comparison. Giuliani Interview: It was a genuine pleasure to listen to Giuliani nervously laugh his way through questions about whether he could support a nominee like Huckabee with his views on arming the citizenry. Last I looked, Rudy had four percent in the caucus--that's sixth place, I believe.

More Thoughts On The Rollins-huckabee Marriage
December 14, 2007

Time's Jay Carney, who's much more plugged-in on this stuff than I, offers his thoughts on Huckabee's hiring of Ed Rollins: There are two things to note about this development. First, in Rollins Huckabee gets a heavyweight political operative who knows how to run and win a national political campaign. Rollins was political director to Ronald Reagan in Reagan's first term and ran Reagan's landslide, 49-state re-election victory in 1984. Huckabee is sending the message that he does not intend to win Iowa and then fade away. He is in it to win it.

December 09, 2007

Mike Huckabee has been scaring the bejesus out of the Republican establishment with his scorching populist invective. In one recent interview, the former Arkansas governor declared, "I am like a lot of folks who are tired of thinking the Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street." He has denounced "immoral" CEO salaries, and warned, "People will only endure this for so many years before there is a revolt." The terrified anti-tax Club for Growth is waging jihad against Huckabee, and Robert Novak has called him an advocate of "class struggle." Seeking more insight into Huckabe

Or Maybe Huckabee Is A Republican's Worst Nightmare
December 06, 2007

On the WaPo politics blog, Chris Cillizza is asking whether Huckabee is the Democrats' worst nightmare: What if he can tie up the socially conservative, evangelical base while still appealing to independents with his authenticity and his economic populism? In Cillizza's estimation, "[t]here are clearly lines of attack available to Democrats if Huckabee becomes the nominee. But the current trepidation about that prospect speaks to just how much of an unknown variable Huckabee represents in the presidential race." That's right, Democrats are scared of what they don't know.

I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

Even Democrats can swoon in the face of the powerful, Aqua Velva-scented waves of masculine virtue emanating from the season's crop of Republican presidential nominees. Marc Ambinder recounts one Democratic candidate's staffer's burgeoning crush on Mike Huckabee: I ended up waiting for the same flight as Gov. Huckabee. So I struck up a lengthy conversation with the Governor ... what really struck me was how Gov. Huckabee remained calm, cool and collected in the face of a reported seven hour delay. Indeed, despite his obvious frustration with the delay (and almost total anonymity), Gov.