Hugh Hewitt

The Ecstasy and Agonies of a Permanent Democratic Majority
November 16, 2012

Why the Obama coalition might still flop.

Should Rush Limbaugh Moderate the Republican Presidential Debates?
November 17, 2010

Fascinating exchange today between Andrew Sullivan and Alex Massie about Republican presidential debates, which are coming way sooner than you think -- just a few months from now, in fact.  In response to Hugh Hewitt’s suggestion that conservative talk show hosts act as moderators for the first debate, Sullivan was unimpressed: “It’s like Stalin being grilled by the Politburo.” Massie, however, thought it might be fun, besides that it would be a good chance to see candidates fail to stand up to Rush or Hannity, and the resulting obsequiousfest would mean that Hewitt’s notion could produce a de

Obama's Moderate Health Care Plan
March 22, 2010

Is President Obama's health care reform a moderate bill, as Democrats claim, or an something more extreme, like Republicans say? William Bennett offers up the Republican case: On Saturday, the president said “this is a middle of the road bill.” It is not. The National Journal aggregation of polls has a 7 percent national opposition deficit (50 percent oppose, 43 percent support). Not one Republican — not Olympia Snowe, not Sue Collins, not Tom Coburn, and not Jim Inhofe — is supporting this. ...

The Beck Supremacy
December 26, 2009

When Vince Flynn recently finished writing his eleventh novel, Pursuit of Honor, he sent an advance copy to Rush Limbaugh, along with some special reading instructions. Upon arriving at Chapter 50, he told the radio host in a note inscribed on the chapter’s first page, “open one of your bottles of Lafite and grab a cigar and savor these words.” Flynn self-published his first political thriller twelve years ago but, today, has a seven-figure contract with an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Not Since Jefferson Dined Alone

Want to know how President Bush spent part of yesterday?

When Petraeus Met Hewitt

I agree with Andrew that it's disappointing, to say the least, that David Petraeus would go on right-wing partisan shill Hugh Hewitt's radio show. That said, after reading the transcript, I thought Petraeus acquitted himself fairly well. He was obviously optimistic about the surge, but his optimism seem to be tempered by realism--and, just as importantly, he refused to let Hewitt lead him into backing up some particularly wing-nutty views on Iraq.