Hugo Chavez

The Most Outrageous Lie in Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's New York Times Op-Ed
April 02, 2014

Imagine if Barack Obama claimed that he created Social Security.

Democracy in Venezuela Is a Myth
February 26, 2014

President Maduro is wrong. The country is closer to an autocracy.

A Brief History of 'Bags of Cash'
The CIA's Afghanistan bribes join a long and storied genre
April 30, 2013

The CIA's Afghanistan bribes join a long and storied genre.

Venezuela's Controversial Election Results Are Only the Start of Its Troubles
April 15, 2013

CARACAS, Venezuela — The late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez always had superb political timing. His initial election in 1998 coincided with the lowest oil prices in decades, and he rode a steady rise in prices to a nearly impregnable, petrodollar-

Chávez the Unfriendly Ghost
What will happen to Venezuela now that the caudillo is dead?
April 06, 2013

What will happen to Venezuela now that the caudillo is dead?

The Source of El Comandante's Power
Hugo Chavez: The Source of His Power
March 08, 2013

What I learned from meeting Hugo Chavez.

Adios, Presidente
What Hugo Chávez's obituaries revealed
March 08, 2013

Parsing the many obituaries of Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chavez's Legacy
March 06, 2013

What will outlive the Comandante?

What Fidel Taught Hugo
Cuba defined Chávez's career as much as Venezuela did
March 05, 2013

Fidel Castro's Cuba defined Hugo Chavez's life as much as Chavez's own Venezuela did.

Obama a Socialist? Guilty by Association, Says Romney Ad
November 02, 2012

Mitt Romney has long avoided explicitly calling President Obama a socialist, but desperate times call for desperate measures—and that includes another dubious ad, this one linking Obama with a triumvirate of famous socialists. "Who supports Barack Obama?" asks the Spanish-language released this week in Florida. The question is followed by clips of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez saying he’d vote for Obama if he lived in the U.S. and of Mariela Castro, Fidel Castro’s niece, saying she would vote for Obama, too.