Personal Bland
Will immigration reveal that John Cornyn is too good at shape-shifting?
June 28, 2013

Over the years, Americans have gotten to know a few different politicians residing inside the sober, vanilla body known as John Cornyn.

The Disappearing Road Home
Inside one immigrant family's search for a different American dream
June 28, 2013

The house in Mexico is a two-story, three-bedroom brick building with a bright blue door and a jacaranda tree in front, set against a hill in the southern state of Guerrero.

The Senate's Disappointing Immigration Vote Is 2006 All Over Again
June 27, 2013

Today, the Senate voted for immigration reform by a seemingly overwhelming margin: 68-32. That might seem like a “B.F.D.” It's not. We’ve been here before: In 2006, the Senate voted for immigration reform by a 62-32 margin. The House killed it.

Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill
It's about low-wage American workers
June 27, 2013

The consensus among decent people in favor of the immigration bill making its way through Congress is so firm that expressing dissent feels a bit like taking the floor to suggest we chop down the Redwood National Park.

The Big Leap Forward On Immigration Reform That Doesn't Matter
June 20, 2013

An immigration reform advocate I spoke to yesterday had a fine way of summarizing the tenuous mix of hope and frustration he feels watching comprehensive immigration reform take shape in the Senate: “Even when the ball moves, it doesn’t.” 

Fertile Imagination
Jeb Bush says Hispanics have more babies, helping us meet funding shortfalls. He's only half right.
June 20, 2013

Worried about the slow-growing U.S. economy, and the even more slowly declining unemployment rate? Jeb Bush has a remedy: more immigrants. Especially the fast-breeding kind.

Why We Should Celebrate Leahy’s Same-Sex Immigration Amendment (Before It Inevitably Fails)
June 12, 2013

Yesterday evening, Senator Pat Leahy filed an amendment to the comprehensive immigration reform package that would allow citizens to petition for green cards for their foreign same-sex partners—just as straight couples can under current law.

Gay-Rights Groups Gave Up Too Easily on Immigration Reform
And now Democrats will take them for granted
May 30, 2013

And now Democrats will take them for granted.

Documented Flaws
The immigration bill's disturbing fine print
May 30, 2013

The immigration bill's disturbing fine print.

The Latest Exercise in "Blue Texas" Wishful Thinking
The state's unlikely to vote Democratic by 2024
May 17, 2013

Texas electoral politics tend to elicit sensationalism.