Graham Greene's Prescient War-Reporting from Vietnam Predicted How Badly It Would Go
August 28, 2014

"The war will be decided by men who never waded waist-deep in fields of paddy."

Open the Door
March 31, 1985

Chuck Lane: The case for embracing immigration.

Pushing Sand
May 03, 1975

For at least eight years it seemed reasonable to me to assume that sooner or later, no matter what we did in Vietnam, things would end badly for us. This feeling was not based on any desire to see us humiliated, or any feeling that the other side represented the forces of goodness and light; it just seemed that the only way to stave off an eventual Communist victory was with an open-ended, and therefore endless, application of American firepower in support of the South Vietnamese regime. No matter how much force we were willing to use, this would not end the war, only prevent Saigon's defeat.