A Sort of Moby Dick
March 01, 1969

Portnoy’s Complaint By Philip Roth (Random House, $6.95) Early in Portnoy’s Complaint, the hero discovers that he has an undescended testicle. The image sticks in the mind, because one feels that, as a writer, Philip Roth has had a similar problem. Goodbye, Columbus , which made his reputation, is a talented book by a young man whose voice is still changing. Letting Go impresses one as the work of a promising but temporarily impotent imagination.

"Now We Must Fear Our Friends"
July 08, 1967

  “The City of Generals” – June 18  As we drove to Tzahala from Tel Aviv's Lod airport early Sunday morning, my hostess, after explaining that her ex-ministry of defense husband could not meet my flight because he was on a military tour of occupied Jordan, filled me in. The waiting had been terrible, the tension intolerable, the children had dug trenches. It was a little easier to wait after Moshe Dayan had been recalled as minister. They had confidence he would act before it was too late.

Our Stake in the State of Israel
February 04, 1957

Will we abandon our one secure bastion in the Middle East?