Ariel Sharon, 1928-2014
He ultimately confronted the right wing. Will Netanyahu do the same?
January 11, 2014

Peace in Israel will depend on whether Netanyahu is prepared to follow in Sharon’s footsteps.

Hillel's Crackdown on Open Debate is Bad News for American Jews
America's most important Israel argument is happening on campuses
January 06, 2014

What the campus organization's big rupture means for American Jews

The ASA's Boycott of Israel Is Not as Troubling As It Seems
December 19, 2013

The American Studies Association is not nearly as influential as it thinks it is.

The Academic Boycott of Israel Is a Travesty
December 17, 2013

Who needs Abu Mazen to speak for the Palestinians when you can have an associate professor of ethnic studies at the University of California, San Diego? 

Why John Podhoretz Stormed Off an Israel Panel Last Night
December 17, 2013

The community of politically attuned Jewish people on the Internet—I like to call us the shtetlsphere—was roiled last night by reports coming out of 92nd Street Y (it’s like our Madison Square Garden).

An Idiotic Israel Boycott Obscures Real Progress in Campus Activism
December 12, 2013

On American campuses, there are two lefts.

Is the Peace Process Falling Apart Already?
Kerry may be backing away from a "final status" agreement
December 11, 2013

It may be in trouble.

Do American Jews Live in a Cocoon?
Peter Beinart thinks so. He's wrong.
November 29, 2013

News of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s late September speech before Jewish leaders in New York got me thinking about Peter Beinart’s latest piece from earlier that month in the New York Review of Books about American Jews and Israel.

The World Has Barely Noticed This Huge Political Development in Gaza
Hamas may be turning away from violence
November 28, 2013

Hamas may be turning away from violence. 

Israel's Freakout, Explained
New worries about whether Obama's presidency has made them less safe
November 25, 2013

Israelis worry, again, whether Obama's presidency has made them less safe