Do American Jews Live in a Cocoon?
November 29, 2013

News of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s late September speech before Jewish leaders in New York got me thinking about Peter Beinart’s latest piece from earlier that month in the New York Review of Books about American Jews and Israel.

The World Has Barely Noticed This Huge Political Development in Gaza
November 28, 2013

Hamas may be turning away from violence. 

Israel's Freakout, Explained
November 25, 2013

Israelis worry, again, whether Obama's presidency has made them less safe

Iran's Nuclear Program Is Still Growing, and America's Fist Is Shrinking
November 25, 2013

The blockbuster nuclear deal reached early Sunday morning in Geneva between Iran and the U.S.-led coalition is both less and more consequential than early reports suggest.

Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be a Major Triumph
November 24, 2013

Right-wingers here and abroad hate it. But they also hated it when Reagan struck deals with Gorbachev—and the parallels are pretty clear

The Iran Deal Is Better Than Nothing—Even for Israel
November 24, 2013

Uncertain about the deal they struck in Geneva? Compare it to a scenario in which they achieved nothing.

Sheldon Adelson Has Finally Found an Issue He Can Truly Influence
November 19, 2013

Hint: It has nothing to do with Israel.

Netanyahu’s Insulting Appeal to American Jews
November 12, 2013

You should feel sympathy for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He is not crazy to perceive an Iran with an advancing nuclear weapons program as a potential existential threat to his country.

Avigdor Lieberman Is Back and Ready to Wreak Havoc
November 06, 2013

It was a busy day in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, with John Kerry shuttling between Jerusalem and the West Bank to avert a full-blown crisis in the negotiations.

The Ted Cruz of Israel
November 03, 2013

Danny Danon is Driving Bibi—and Just About Everyone Else—Crazy