Jack Kevorkian

Assisted Suicide For Michigan Democrats
April 27, 2010

A poll of Michigan Democrats shows Geoffrey Fieger, who is considering a run for governor, currently leads for the nomination. Granted, he's only taking 28% of the vote and probably getting that based off name recognition. But it's still an alarming fact for Michigan Democrats. If you know Fieger, you probably know him as Jack Kevorkian's personal attorney. Fieger is also a demagogic personal injury lawyer who captured the gubernatorial nomination in 1998. I profiled him at the time.

Dead Man Walking
October 18, 1998

It seems like a natural audience for a Democratic candidate. A few hundred retired union workers are sitting on folding chairs in a large hall that resembles a cafeteria at a run-down school-- right down to the off-white walls lined with tan cement columns. Outside, several letters have fallen off the billboard so that it reads, "united ood & commercia workers ufw local no.

What Right to Die?
June 24, 1996

It's hard not to be moved by emotional accounts of how laws prohibiting assisted suicide can drive pain-wracked people to desperate ends. A year ago, in The New Yorker, Andrew Solomon wrote eloquently about how he and his brother helped their mother take sleeping pills to spare her the final agonies of ovarian cancer, an ordeal made even more harrowing by the fear of prosecution. All of the jurors who acquitted Dr. Jack Kevorkian in May similarly said they were influenced by videotapes in which two women suffering from chronic pain described their anguish and pleaded to be allowed to die.