Jacob Lew

Peter Orszag As Macho Texan
February 25, 2011

The Washington Post posits this highly bizarre personality contrast between Budget Director Jacob Lew and his predecessor Peter Orszag: Though tall and dark like his predecessor, former budget director Peter Orszag, Lew, 55, shares none of Orszag's cowboy-booted, marathon-running swagger. A lawyer by training, Lew exudes a calm geniality.  Swagger? Peter Orszag? And then the implication that "calm geniality" represents a sharp contrast with his personality style? That is... really weird.

Today In the Budget Showdown
February 07, 2011

Gearing up for the budget fight, the Obama administration is trying to show it's the reasonable party by offering up cuts to programs its favors. Budget director Jacob Lew writes: In each of the past two years, the administration has put forward about $20 billion in savings from ending some programs and reducing funds for others. This entailed finding programs that were duplicative, outdated and ineffective. But to achieve the deeper cuts needed to support this spending freeze, we have had to look beyond the obvious and cut spending for purposes we support.

Sweet Lew?
July 11, 2010

The search for Peter Orszag’s successor at the Office of Management and Budget hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. But it should. If the administration is talking about a policy change that involves spending or raising money, as most policy changes do, then the OMB director is going to be part of that discussion. As my colleague Noam Scheiber has reported, the two leading candidates to take over OMB have been Gene Sperling, a senior Treasury Department aide who held several positions in the Clinton Administration, and Laura Tyson, a Berkeley economist who also served under Clinton.