James Carroll

Bodacious? Xtremely!
February 21, 2010

On night one of the Conservative Political Action Conference, as George Will entertained GOP mucketymucks in the Marriott Wardman’s cavernous banquet hall, the next generation of Republicans was downstairs, in the basement, enjoying something more hip. Or, at least, Stephen Baldwin’s idea of hip.   “I know you don’t hear the word gnarly too much in conservative circles, but you’re gonna start hearing it in the future!” the 44-year-old ex-actor told a crowd of about 200 assembled youths.

Leave The Pope Alone
December 24, 2009

On September 3, 2000, Pope John Paul II, the Vicar of Christ beloved even by Jews, beatified Pius IX, one of his predecessors who reigned from 1846-1878. He was a nasty anti-Semite who re-established the ghetto in Rome and was instrumental in the kidnapping of a six-year old Jew boy who had been forcibly converted to Catholicism and whom the church itself kept in the Vatican away from his parents. These are not the least of his sins; nor are they the worst. But they contribute richly to his biography as a Jew-hater.

Carroll On Mccain And Honor
September 08, 2008

James Carroll--who wrote movingly about McCain's POW experience in this New Yorker story from 1996--has an interesting column in today's Boston Globe: For the liberals he derides, facing up to the nation's dishonor has become the new meaning of honor. That is nonsense to McCain because, in prison, it was by making the nation's honor his unrepentant absolute that he was able, in repentance, to reclaim his personal honor. Bravely confronting his own failure, that is, made him incapable of confronting his nation's.

Mlk And The War In Iraq
January 16, 2007

On Martin Luther King Day, James Carroll wrote a piece in the Boston Globe about Martin Luther King, Jr. As it happens, it was an article riddled with well-meaning cliches. And far-fetched stretches. And, of course, you can't write about a sainted figure without writing about the devil. The devil is George Bush. Carroll writes: "Today, the war in Iraq is both a symptom and a cause of the chronic disease of U.S. violence. Bush feeds the virus, and it infects every organ of the body politic. King would be appalled at the way guns now shape the hopelessness of young black men.