James Gandolfini

David Chase Speaks About ‘The Sopranos’ Ending
And offers nothing but more darkness
May 01, 2014

David Chase spoke at a "Sopranos" screening Wednesday night. Yes, he addressed the final scene.

Gandolfini as Robert Moses? The Dream Role He Never Got to Play
The actor hoped to direct and star in an adaption of my book
June 21, 2013

James Gandolfini acted in and considered many roles in his distinguished career, but there was one man who fascinated him, whom he never got to play: New York’s powerful master builder, Robert Moses.

James Gandolfini Will Always Be Tony Soprano, and That's Okay
June 19, 2013

The closest Tony Soprano ever comes to saving his appalling soul is late in Season 1 of “The Sopranos.” His daughter Meadow’s friend has become depressed to the point of cutting herself (“a suicidal gesture,” Dr.