Jay Bilas

The Most Righteous Man at ESPN
March 19, 2014

How Jay Bilas became the NCAA's fiercest critic.

In Defense of Dick Vitale
March 11, 2012

When I was 18, I met ESPN announcer Dick Vitale on a flight to Charlottesville, Virginia. The photo I had taken with him that day is still, years later, proudly displayed in my apartment. The reason is simple: I absolutely, unapologetically love Dick Vitale.  It’s safe to say that many, maybe even most, sports fans would deem this opinion crazy.

Did Virginia Commonwealth Deserve An NCAA Tournament Bid?
March 28, 2011

And now a word from ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas: "I wonder," Bilas said on ESPN, "if some people on the committee know whether the ball is round." Ouch. Some of the snubs include Virginia Tech, Boston College, Colorado, Alabama, St. Mary's and even Harvard, while some of the questionable selections include Clemson, Alabama-Birmingham and Virginia Commonwealth. "That sounds harsh," Bilas said of his statement, "but I'm wondering. These were bad decisions. They're indefensible. "I've seen UAB play. I've seen VCU play," he added.