Jennifer Rubin

Other Peoples' Blogfights
March 17, 2011

The fact that the Washington Post determined to hire a conservative blogger and wound up hiring Jennifer Rubin is either an indictment of the Post, the conservative movement, or possibly both. The other day, Rubin set out after Ezra Klein, also of the Post.

Why Conservatives Turned on Sarah Palin
March 09, 2011

It’s never easy to extricate yourself from a fling that got way too serious. But that’s exactly what many conservatives are trying to do after a few heady years of Sarah Palin infatuation. In the wake of Palin’s deeply unserious reality TV show and her embarrassing “blood libel” video, the bloom’s worn off the rose, rather definitively. In fact, those incidents may have provided just the convenient excuses the GOP establishment was looking for. Now, with the 2012 election looming, Palin’s former backers are fleeing left and right.

Why Republicans Oppose The State Opt-Out Waiver
March 01, 2011

Jennifer Rubin and Yuval Levin lay out what I think will be the Republican line on President Obama's health care state opt-out proposal: Now there is good reason why the offer "was met with skepticism by many Republican governors who said they need to learn more about the details." Yuval Levin of the Ethics and Public Policy Center e-mailed me that Obama is offering "essentially nothing." Yuval explains: He's offering to support legislation that would let states ask for permission to do exactly what Obamacare would require them to do but by different means a little earlier than the law now all

Is The Tea Party A Majority? A Very Basic Statistical Primer
February 22, 2011

On days when the internet fails to provide enough feuding partners to keep me amused, I like to intercede into others peoples' feuds. Today we have E.J. Dionne vs. Jennifer Rubin. The debate centers around whether the Tea Party movement represents a minority or a majority strain of public sentiment. Dionne says minority strain.

The GOP's Overblown Fear Of Blowing It Against Obama
February 11, 2011

Republicans, reports Jennifer Rubin, are nervous that their weak candidate field is going to blow a great chance to knock of President Obama: If you talk to Republicans in D.C. -- or in Israel, for that matter -- the overwhelming sentiment about the 2012 contenders is a mix of un-enthusiasm and nervousness. Republicans genuinely believe that the economy and Obama's failure to exert leadership on our fiscal crisis provide an opening for Republicans to do the unusual -- defeat an incumbent president.... There is widespread conservative fretting within the Beltway.

I Am Being Baited
January 26, 2011

Jennifer Rubin has an interview with Arthur Brooks and Pete Wehner about their new book. It's a combination that seems to have been created for the express purpose of spurring me to write a blog item -- indeed, so much so that when I first saw it I wondered if it was some kind of trap to bait me -- and they don't disappoint. Here's one highly entertaining exchange: Public schools (if we are lucky) teach about democracy but students rarely get any instruction in economics, let alone a defense of free market capitalism.

GOP Health Reform: Less Coverage at Twice the Cost
January 23, 2011

Defenders of the Affordable Care Act, including Matt Miller and yours truly, have suggested that the Republicans who favor repeal have no alternatives that would cover as many people at such a low cost. On Friday, Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin posted a lengthy response, in which she insisted the Republicans do have such alternatives. And one statement in particular caught my eye: But now we get to the plans. There are conservative plans that would provide for very large number of Americans to gain coverage at much less cost. Take the plan put out by Sen.

Is Palin-mania A Liberal Plot?
December 30, 2010

A Gallup poll finds that the only contemporary Republican political leader who makes the Republicans' list of "most admired people" is Sarah Palin (who is cited as "most admired woman" by 26% of Republicans -- no other current politician cracks 3% among Republicans.) Ezra Klein notes: The closest thing the GOP has to a Dole or a Gingrich is Sarah Palin, whose interests and messages frequently diverge from those of the Republican Party and who polls very poorly among the broader populace. Perhaps the idea that you need a leader to deliver your message is outdated in an age when Fox News and o

The Chris Christie Magic
December 21, 2010

I was just reminiscing about the halcyon era of a popular New Jersey governor whose brash style and Reaganite agenda took the Garden State by storm, proving that true conservative principles can win the day even in deep blue states. Come on the nostalgia tour with me, won't you?

Does The New York Times Rig Its Polls?
September 16, 2010

Commentary's Jennifer Rubin offers a glimpse into the paranoid conservative mind: The New York Times poll (invariably more positive for the Democrats than other surveys) contains little good news for the Democrats. The Times has Obama’s approval at 45 percent, near his all-time low of 44 percent. His disapproval rating of 47 percent is a record in this poll... The Gray Lady is preparing its readers for the day of reckoning, edging its polling closer to more credible competing polls just in time for Election Day.