Jennifer Rubin

A Brief Word On Park51
August 17, 2010

Checking in from the beach, I see that President Obama hedged his clarion call for pluralism.

Commentary's Tribalism
August 02, 2010

Damon Linker's excellent New York Times review about Commentary and Norman Podhoretz has one especially sharp passage: How could a once thoughtful man spend the past 40 years transforming himself into a commissar? In his 1979 memoir, “Breaking Ranks,” Podhoretz himself described his initial lurch to the right as a perfectly sensible reaction to the excesses of the counterculture, the rise of a black power movement tainted by anti-­Semitism, the descent of the antiwar movement into nihilistic violence and the Democratic Party’s embrace of left-wing isolationism in 1972.

John Hagee, Pillar Of Tolerance
July 26, 2010

Last January, Jennifer Rubin wrote a lengthy story for Commentary lamenting the failure of American Jews to appreciate the greatness of Sarah Palin.

Obama Pushes Thuggish Anti-Democratic "Majority Rule" Vote For Union Goons
May 11, 2010

Commentary's Jennifer Rubin introduces a blog post with the comment, "In case you had any doubt how indebted Obama is to Big Labor." I read on, eager to see what outrageous favor Obama handed out to the great unions that bestride the economy like a colossus. Here's the story: The National Mediation Board issued its final rule Monday that changed how workers could unionize at companies covered by the Railway Labor Act.

The Non-Mystery Of Why Jews Hate Palin
April 19, 2010

In January, Jennifer Rubin wrote a long piece for Commentary lamenting the failure of American Jews to sufficiently appreciate Sarah Palin. Rubin elucidated several theories to explain this puzzling Jewish flaw, ranging from Jews' intellectual snobbery ("They assume that such knowledge is the special preserve of a certain type of credentialed thinker") to their disdain for athletes and soldiers ("Palin calls herself a “hockey mom” and brags aloud about the athletic prowess of her children, while Jews are more likely to sport “My child Is an Honor Student” bumper stickers.

Jews Still Democratic
April 16, 2010

Republican pollster John McLaughlin has a new poll showing that only 42% of American Jews want to re-elect President Obama. This has a lot of Jewish Republicans excited. See Jennifer Rubin ("Jews Wake Up?") and Tevi Troy ("Jewish Awakening?") for some excited reaction. I don't mean to burst their bubble, but this poll is near worthless. It asks, "Would you vote to re-elect Barack Obama as President or would you consider voting for someone else?" There are two problems with the wording.

One Government Finally Made An Agreement With Obama. Hallelujah!
April 10, 2010

The government was Russia’s. So it shouldn’t be derided entirely. But its importance shouldn’t be exaggerated either. After all, Washington and Moscow are not currently in any world historical conflict—at least not one likely to lead to a nuclear standoff. There were several of these during the Cold War. But I conclude in retrospect that they were mostly bluffs. This is even true of the Soviet threats to Israel in 1956, 1967, and 1973. It is probably true about John F. Kennedy’s warnings to Khrushchev and Fidel Castro, as well.

The Last Night Of Passover: An Obama Postscript
April 06, 2010

I actually had no intention of writing again about President Obama and his Passover theology. I'd done it once, on the night before the night of the first seder and that, I said to myself, was enough. In any case, my quarrel with him is really about how he treats the idea of the Jewish people today (but not only the idea) and how his politics imperil Jews everywhere, in Israel, primarily, but certainly not only in Israel. So what changed my mind? Well, I was catching up with Jonathan Chait's blog, a TNR feature that I greatly admire.

How Obama Ruined Passover
March 30, 2010

According to Commentary's Jennifer Rubin: Obama, as presidents have traditionally done, released a Passover message. It is typical Obama — off-key, hyper-political, and condescending. The core of the message is this: The enduring story of the Exodus teaches us that, wherever we live, there is oppression to be fought and freedom to be won.

I Know I Am Harping On The President’s Israel Policy. But That’s Exactly What I Should Be Doing And What I Aim To Do.
March 19, 2010

Frankly, it’s a little bit embarrassing to be citing the Commentary crowd so often. But the fact is that the other powerful venues which seem to understand that the Palestinians do not really want peace--or act as if they don’t--are few and far between. Yes, there is the Washington Post, where Jackson Diehl, Charles Krauthammer, and Chuck Lane analyze what everyone can (but most refuse to) see or describe. Then, of course, there are the editorials, the collective voice of the Post, which strike an independent voice free of Arabisant cant and America bashing.