Jennifer Rubin

The Relentless Facts Of Palestine: The Tribulations Of Biden And Obama’s Ironic Fate
March 10, 2010

Everything is narrative. And the present “responsible” narrative, we are told, comes from President Obama. It’s too bad he knows very little about the intrinsic history of the dispute or about its present contours, which, after all, he--in his arrogance, vanity, and suave--has done much to make both sides more rigid rather than more amenable to compromise. (Actually it’s at least three sides if you count Hamas-controlled Gaza, which the president blithely ignores ...

Conservatives Recognize Health Care Reform Might Pass
March 09, 2010

Watch the bouncing party line. Commentary's Jennifer Rubin, January 27th: So it seems that the doubling-down on ObamaCare crowd exists mostly in the punditocracy. Congress wants to move on. Who knows if this is what Obama “wants.” He is, in a sense, a bystander to the wreckage of his own failed first year. The survivors are walking away from the crash, bruised and battered. Whether he acknowledges this failure tonight remains to be seen. But it matters not at all what he says on the subject. The country has spoken, the Congress is finally listening, and the jig is up.

Populist Fantasies
February 11, 2010

Commentary's Jennifer Rubin offers up a good example of the populist delusions sweeping the Republican Party. She gloats over the latest Washington Post poll: Simply put, what this and other polls tell us is that Americans don’t like what Obama and the Democrats are doing. It is the substance of their agenda that is unpopular. They don’t mind “gridlock” — in fact, they seem to welcome it, if the alternative is more of what they have seen coming out of Washington. Actually, the poll in many ways says the opposite of what Rubin claims.

January 15, 2010

--Obama's large bank tax is too small --The new health care excise tax is still pretty big --A taxonomy of the various brutal takedowns of Jennifer Rubin's universally-derided "Why do the Jews hate Palin?" article. I am almost starting to feel sorry for her. --"Two Gentlemen of Lebowski," the Big Lebowski script rendered as Shakespeare and possibly the internet's greatest contribution to Western culture, will be performed as a play. OMG. --Noam asks if Murdoch is trashing the Journal's Washington coverage

Palin Defenders Ignore Revelations, Day Three
January 13, 2010

A couple days ago, I noted that Jennifer Rubin, who has fiercely defended Sarah Palin against the charge of ignorance, has failed to address or even mention the utterly devastating new revelations that Palin thought Saddam Hussein planned the 9/11 attacks, didn't understand why there are two Koreas, etc. The closest she comes is this item, wondering why Steve Schmidt would attack Palin: Politico tries to figure out why a political operative would commit career suicide.

Bad Timing For The Palin-Is-Brilliant Crowd
January 11, 2010

Another funny aspect of that bizarre Commentary piece by Jennifer Rubin castigating Jews for spurning Sarah Palin is its timing. The article, naturally, contends that Palin is far more intellectual and informed about politics than the Jews understand: Palin’s intellectual unfitness in the eyes of Jews was exaggerated during the course of the campaign as they, like other Americans, received an incomplete image of her abilities and talents.

Jews Who Hate The Jews Who Hate Palin
January 08, 2010

The complaint of the Jewish Republican is a small but hardy feature of our political discourse. The complaint runs as follows: Jews are foolishly ignoring their self-interest by voting for Democrats on the basis of sentimental concerns (secularism, concern for the poor) rather than pursuing their true self interest (maximal hawkishness on the Middle East, low tax rates on the rich) as represented by the GOP. Occasionally these arguments take the form of gloating predictions that Jews will soon join other white ethnics in abandoning their hoary Democratic loyalties.

Vapid, Jingoistic Obama-hater Of The Day
July 02, 2008

Jennifer Rubin has a piece in the Jerusalem Post this week in which she claims to be speaking for a significant number of Jews who will not be voting for Obama this November.