Jeremiah Wright

"doing The Work Mccain's People Can't Or Won't Do"
October 31, 2008

Jeremiah Wright is back in the headlines thanks to a new ad by the recently formed National Republican Trust PAC. I spoke over the phone today with the ad's creator, Rick Wilson, a GOP media consultant who is most infamous for a 2002 campaign ad tying then-Senator Max Cleland to Osama bin Laden: TNR: What made you decide to produce this Wright ad? Rick Wilson: For a variety of reasons, it was unaddressed and seemingly unaddressable by the McCain campaign. Actual Republicans and Independents out in the world, and frankly a lot of Democrats, take issue with this.

Invisible Man
October 22, 2008

On my way to Denver for what is being billed as the political speech of my lifetime, I am doing my best to open up a lotus-like space inside my head in which I can enjoy the pleasurable sensation that comes to lucky Ivy League meritocrats of a certain age, when friends from college and graduate school are on the verge of really running things in America. On any given Sunday, you stand a better-than-even chance of knowing Barack Obama's speechwriters, his economic advisers, the New York Times correspondent covering his campaign, or someone who played basketball last Tuesday with the candidate.

527 Watch: Scared Bubbies Edition
October 20, 2008

At least one PAC still thinks peoples' bubbies will decide the election. The Republican Jewish Coalition, a 23 year-old group that push-polled TNR's own Jonathan Cohn earlier this year, is spending over $1 million on an ad that uses Hillary Clinton's words against Obama. The group has also been running inflammatory advertisements in Jewish newspapers, which link Barack Obama to Jeremiah Wright and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Let The Mccain Premortems Begin!
October 15, 2008

Okay, they're probably a tad premature, but you can see the outlines of one school of thought beginning to form in this Mike Allen piece about McCain's refusal to make an issue out of Jeremiah Wright. According to Allen's reporting, it has indeed been McCain's refusal and not the refusal of his advisers, many of whom want to inject Wright into the campaign. And that's led to the following: Conservatives who want McCain to focus on Wright contend that the omission is another sign of a campaign that is unwilling to play tough enough with the Obama juggernaut.

A Powell-mccain Deal On Wright?
October 10, 2008

Commenter vernezze has an intriguing if somewhat conspiratorial theory for why McCain won't mention Jeremiah Wright (one that plays to one of the Stump's pet fascinations, no less): Call me crazy (but at least wait until you read the post) but I believe that Powell has made a deal with McCain. I will not endorse Obama in this election if you do not bring up Wright. How else to explain the dog that does not bark in the face of very favorable things he has said about Obama in the past and the adumbrations from reliable sources that a Powell endorsement for Obama was on the way? ...

Another Change Of Course?
October 08, 2008

For a few days prior to last night's debate, the McCain camp seemed to have decided to put its eggs into the guilt-by-association basket, linking Barack Obama to William Ayers at every opportunity and even raising (through Sarah Palin) the subject of Jeremiah Wright, whom the campaign had previously declared off the table.

Joe Klein On The "embarracuda"
October 06, 2008

As Klein says, it's a shame the McCainiacs have seen fit to drag us here. But, if that's how it's going to be, it's worth getting some facts straight. For example: In any case, this is rather rich coming from Palin, who is married to a man who belonged to a political party--the Alaskan Independence Party--that wanted to secede from the union.

527 Watch: Judicial Confirmation Network
October 02, 2008

An organization called the Judicial Confirmation Network has a new ad up linking Barack Obama to Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright. Oddly, the group is not a 527. Rather, they're a "judicial confirmation war room" that publicly consists of two employees, a post box, and a website.

Palin And The Jewish (republican) Question
September 03, 2008

I just had a conversation with a Republican activist who's well-connected in the Jewish community. As I walked up, he was debating a Democratic counterpart (via Blackberry) about Palin's Jews for Jesus encounter, arguing that it's far, far less damning than Jeremiah Wright is for Obama. That may have been true based on what we knew an hour ago, but I wonder how he'll feel about this new discovery via Andrew. It sounds like Palin's pastor has much closer, much longer-standing Jews for Jesus ties than we'd realized...

Why I'm Betting On Barack Obama's Victory
July 10, 2008

There are unknowns, of course. The persona of John McCain is already in play and it would be wrong to underestimate him. The man is remarkable, surprising in his opposition to torture and Guantanamo, audacious when he challenged the economic policies of the two Bush administrations. And isn't it said that Democrat John Kerry considered for a time asking this unconventional conservative to share the ticket with him? Then there is also the American art of "junk politics," especially as practiced by the Republicans, and its unpredictable, often devastating effects.