Jill Lepore

The Best State of the Union Addresses, Ever
January 26, 2014

When President Barack Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, he is expected to address ways of combatting economic inequality, as well as reforming immigration and the NSA.

Rand And The Tea Parties
April 29, 2010

Last fall I wrote a long review essay on Ayn Rand and the influence of her though on the current right-wing mood. Jill Lepore has an article in the New Yorker about the Tea Parties and the historic use of revolutionary imagery and concepts.

Weekend Reading, November 6-8
November 06, 2009

--Jill Lepore on murders and American history --Mark Bowden on the line between internet dirty-talk and internet sexual predation --Jenny Diski on Roman Polanski and rape --If all this is too grim, check out James Poniewozik's short essay on the media's centrist bias --And, finally, one Yankee fan who is not very happy