Jim Fallows

Since the State of the Union address, especially his back-and-forth with House Republicans, President Obama has focused a great deal of attention on Republican obstructionism. These two posts from Jim Fallows have gotten some attention, including from me. But the topic needs to be considered with a bit more precision. First, a great deal of Republican opposition stems from simple ideological disagreement.


Ex Post Facto

It's quite disappointing that, as Jim Fallows notes, no one involved in writing or editing The Washington Post's lead editorial Saturday--which argued that, rather than Barack Obama, Iranian martyr Neda Agha-Soltan ought to have received the Nobel Peace Prize--seems to have been aware, or made any effort to become aware, of the facts that a) the Nobel is not given posthumously; and b) the deadline for nominations is in February, long before the world had heard Neda's name.  But it's simply unprofessional that, despite these factual oversights having been publicized in a range of venues--includ


Man Bites Frog

If Glenn Beck were a regular reader of Jim Fallows, he'd be well aware of the "if you put a frog in boiling water" fallacy. But he's not, evidently, and this is the sorry result. I imagine a strongly worded letter from PETA is in the offing. Worse, from Beck's perspective, he's just metaphorically informed his viewers that their populist rebellions are about to, well, expire:  

Today's WSJ article about Obama's micromanaging of economic policy led me to fire up the Google and find Jim Fallows's classic Atlantic piece on Jimmy Carter from 1979. Here's the graf that forever cemented Carter's presidency as a cautionary tale of micromanagement: If there is any constant in the literature of presidential performance, it is that the President must husband his time.


On Jim Cramer

I've known Jim for more than 30 years. We've had spats two times. He was responsible once. I, the other. I've done business with him and made money with him. And we started The Street.com together. He is a trusted and loving friend. He is now being battered in the press. Mostly by people whose careers are built on ridiculing others. I happened to have watched the "Mad Money" show in which he spoke about Bear Stearns. He did not not not not say that you needn't worry if you had stock in Bear Stearns. He said you need not worry if you had a brokerage account with Bear Stearns. That was true...


St. Elsewhere

Jim Fallows braves the Chinese medical system: I follow him down a concrete hall to another room