Jim McGreevey

The NRA Has Broken Its Silence. Is This ‘Meaningful’?
December 19, 2012

The NRA has become expert at responding to mass shootings. This time may be different.

Mcgreevey's Mistakes
May 07, 2007

Isaac points out what he says are instances of homophobia in the current issue of The Weekly Standard. Read a particular way, the first article (which, in Isaac's words, "compares giving up sports fandom to having homosexuals raise kids") may or may not be bigoted, I'm not so sure. But I find the magazine's parody of former Governor Jim McGreevey's decision to join a seminary to be spot-on. Yes, comparing his move to Goebbles taking over Radio Free Europe or Idi Amin enrolling in a cooking class are hyperbolic, but it's a parody.