John Breaux

Jindal's Louisiana Purchase
April 06, 2010

Via Thinkprogress, The Eunice News reports that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal persuaded Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, a Democrat, to join the healthcare lawsuit he had deemed frivolous by promising to spare his office from budget cuts: But his decision may not have been as willing as he attempted to make it appear. In a subsequent address to employees of his office, the Attorney General said the decision was made more out of the necessity of saving jobs in his agency than any real hope—or desire—of overturning the health care law. One employee said Caldwell, in a candid admission, cl

Health Care And The 1994 Precedent
March 15, 2010

There has been a lot of argument over whether passing health care reform or letting it die would offer the most attractive strategy for Democrats.

What Failure Would Cost the Democrats
March 15, 2010

Disgruntled (if not former) Democrats Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen are the latest to join in offering advice to President Obama and Congressional Democrats to abandon their health reform quest before it causes catastrophic damage to the party.

Nice Guys Finish Last
February 11, 2010

Everyone remembers that George W. Bush’s first tax cut was contentious when Congress considered it back in 2001. So contentious, in fact, that the Bushies didn’t even try passing it under normal Senate procedures. The GOP leadership, worried that it couldn’t collect 60 votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster, relied on reconciliation, the Senate rule that allows budget-related measures to pass with a simple majority. What fewer people remember is the margin by which Bush’s tax cut finally passed the Senate. As it happens, the number of yeas was 62—including 12 Democrats.

Politico's Not-Very-Ethical Op-Ed
November 16, 2009

Bill Frist and John Breaux have a column in Politico urging Congress to build on the success of the 2003 Medicare prescription drug act, and not to cut any subsidies out of Medicare Advantage, the lucrative boondoggle created by that act. As Matthew Yglesias notes, it's absurd to cite as a legislative model a bill that "paid" for every cent of its benefits with debt. Breaux and Frist brag about the 76 votes that bill got.

"Now Don't You Let The Government Get A Hold Of My Medicare."
August 04, 2009

Arthur Laffer, Reagan economic advisor, co-author of Proposition 13, and creator of the Laffer Curve: An elderly Louisiana woman, 1994 (cf. The System by Haynes Johnson and David Broder, page 558) [Senator John Breaux] was walking through the New Orleans airport, returning home, when an elderly female constituent approached him. "Senator, Senator," she said, plucking emotionally at his sleeve.

Premium Idea
April 12, 1999

If the liberals on the just-dissolved National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare are to be believed, the reform plan pushed by its chairman, Democratic Senator John Breaux, and backed both by commission Republicans and by Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey, is about as evil as health policy can get. "They're jeopardizing the health and welfare of frail old people," says former Medicare program chief Bruce Vladeck. "These guys don't want to protect senior citizens from the industry," says Democratic Representative Jim McDermott of Washington.