John Chafee

The Mandate Miscalculation
December 14, 2011

Democrats didn’t see it coming: Before the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, neither congressional leaders nor the White House anticipated that one specific provision—the mandate requiring individuals to maintain a minimum level of health insurance—would spark such a ferocious political and legal backlash. Yet, nearly two years later, controversy surrounding the mandate dominates the national conversation about health care reform.

Romney Death Watch, Even Deathier Edition
May 11, 2011

Tomorrow Mitt Romney ventures straight into the lion's den -- Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of Jonathan Cohn, where he will deliver a health care speech attempting to explain the unexplainable. Just as Luke Skywalker was bound to seek out and confront Darth Vader, Romney must confront Cohn. If Romney winds up bloodied, one hand sliced off and clinging to a weathervane with the other, he'll have done better than I expect. Romney's "Address To Jonathan Cohn And Fellow Ann Arborites"* will no doubt emphasize his federalist position.

This Bill Is Already Bipartisan, Cont'd
February 24, 2010

A lot of us have been arguing, for a while, that the Democratic health care reform plan is already bipartisan, in the sense that it incorporates Republican ideas and closely resembles plans prominent Republicans have endorsed in the past. If you're not already convinced, check out this chart by Maggie Mertens of Kaiser Health News (where I also write a column). The chart compares the Senate health care bill with the proposal the late John Chafee proposed during the fight over the Clinton health care plan in 1993. Chafee was a moderate Republican from Rhode Island.

Change The Voters, Or Change The Rules?
February 16, 2010

As I've been saying, the procedural critique of the Senate that some of us have been making for years is starting, but only starting to make headway into the conventional wisdom.

Party of Lincoln
May 23, 2005

When Lincoln Chafee learned that George W.

Missing Linc
July 02, 2001

The "accidental Senator" Lincoln Chafee's unlikely path to political stardom.

Stormin' Mormon
November 07, 1994

John Judis on Mitt Romney's 1994 challenge to Ted Kennedy.