John Cornyn

The Contradictions Of Ryancare
April 16, 2011

John Cornyn, as a way of diffusing opposition to Paul Ryan's Medicare voucherization plan, says that it's the same thing as Obamacare. Now, that's wrong in a lot of ways -- most notably, Ryan's plan holds the value of its vouchers well below the cost of medical care -- but it is true in certain ways. One implication of this, as Ezra Klein notes, is that, if Ryan's plan is even close to viable, then the Affordable Care Act will work far better than its designers expect: That said, the implications of Cornyn’s comments are interesting.

Why Are Republicans More Disciplined Than Democrats?
December 02, 2010

John Cornyn threatens Republican Senators who oppose the earmark bans with right-wing primary challengers. Kevin Drum notes: John Cornyn is the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Can you even imagine his Democratic counterpart saying something like that? Any Democratic counterpart? And no, alternate universes don't count. It's very easy to fall into the trap of assuming the other party is well-organized and clever while your party is disorganized and weak. But even while maintaining a healthy suspicion of that instinct, it seems to me that Drum is right.

Australian for 2010
July 22, 2010

Washington—It's rare to see a dry run for an election campaign. But over the next month, Australia will provide a testing ground for some of the core themes in this November's American elections. Last weekend, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who took office in June after the fall of her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, called an election for Aug. 21—they do things fast down there—in which her Labor Party will be using a central argument that Democrats hope to invoke against the Republicans. Gillard's statement opening the campaign left no ambiguity about Labor's message.

Mitch McConnell's Populism
April 13, 2010

Even by the standards of politics, Republican opposition to financial reform is unusually shameless. The GOP party line, in keeping with the postmodernist stylings of Frank Luntz, is that they oppose financial regulation because it's a big handout to the financial industry. Here's Mitch McConnell: This bill not only allows for taxpayer-funded bailouts of Wall Street banks; it institutionalizes them. “The bill gives the Federal Reserve enhanced emergency lending authority that is far too open to abuse.

The Problem With "Partial Repeal"
March 23, 2010

John Cornyn says he only wants to repeal the unpopular parts of health care reform, not popular things like requiring insurers to cover people with preexisting conditions: "There is non-controversial stuff here like the preexisting conditions exclusion and those sorts of things," the Texas Republican said. "Now we are not interested in repealing that. And that is frankly a distraction." As Ramesh Ponnuru points out, this cannot work as policy: Understandably, Cornyn doesn’t want to touch the most popular element of Obamacare, the ban on discrimination based on pre-existing conditions.

Speaking of Liberal Bogeymen ...
August 20, 2009

As Marin so keenly pointed out the other day, high-ranking GOPers continue to cling to and promote falsehoods about the Democratic agenda, despite (sometimes overwhelming) evidence to the contrary. This time, it's Senator John Cornyn taking from the Palin-Grassley playbook. Earlier this month, he was outraged by the White House's web-based program that solicited emails and tips about the spread of health care misinformation. He claimed that it created an enemies list akin to that of Nixon, and infringed on citizens' First Amendment right.

Cowboy Vs. Indians
July 27, 2009

Senator John Cornyn does the usual Bolivia-Bulgaria and Austria-Australia foreign country transpositions one better: A key US Senator who has extensively supported India, including the passage of the nuclear deal, stunned his Indian and Indian-American supporters this weekend when he identified India as a US national security threat and clubbed it with North Korea and Iran, while arguing for continuing the F-22 fighter jet programme, which would keep up to 100,000 jobs going in the US. ''It (the F-22 program) is important to our national security because we're not just fighting wars in Afghan

Edwards Shrapnel Hits Texas Senate Race
August 20, 2008

From the fundraising email from Texas Senator John Cornyn that arrived in my inbox last night: Recently, Dallas trial lawyer and Democratic sugar daddy Fred Baron revealed that he was the financier of John Edwards’ illicit affair. In the last week there have been literally thousands of articles written about Fred Baron, but [Cornyn's Democratic challenger] Rick Noriega has been noticeably silent. Why? Because Baron, a Dallas based asbestos trial lawyer, and his wife Lisa Blue have given thousands to Noriega.

Senator Cornyn Now Answers To "big Bad John"
June 17, 2008

Some of you may already have seen this, but it's worth posting because it is just truly so phenomenal and astounding. This campaign video for Texas Senator John Cornyn makes slightly more sense if you know the Jimmy Dean song on which it's based, but not much more.

Earnest Goes to Washington
September 10, 2007

Chuck Grassley's suspicion of institutional power.