John Foster Dulles

The End of the Journey
July 02, 2007

I. In late 1988, when I set out to write a life of Whittaker Chambers,the cold war had reached its ceremonial endgame: Mikhail Gorbachevacknowledging the autonomy of peoples long after they had liberatedthemselves, valiant students halting tank columns in TiananmenSquare. It was an impressive, if occasionally hollow, spectacle,and it inspired a chorus of sweeping pronouncements in the UnitedStates.

Tensions With Iran
March 27, 2007

Why are the Iranians so angry with America? Don't you know? It's because of the 1953 coup against the Iranian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mosaddeq, initiated by Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden who persuaded Dwight Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles to cooperate. These are the satanic men of this history. Of course, Mosaddeq was a democratic hero who wanted only good things for the poor and, for that reason, made an alliance with the Tudeh Party, which made the French Communist Party look like a gathering of timid democratic socialists.

China Without Mao
September 25, 1976

Both China and the USA during 1976 look to their own body politic, and not much at broad world vistas. Yet from different starting-points. We focus on who the next President will be and now the list is pruned to two. But the election issues are as hard to sight as corks on a choppy sea. In China it is the personnel stakes that are elusive. The issues being debated under the orange tiles of Peking's palaces are, on the other hand, clearer than usual. And the "what" may be as momentous for China's future as the "who." Glimpse six items that reflect what is controversial in China.