John Morton

The GOP Is Still Demanding More Deportations—and Staying Silent on Reform
April 24, 2014

Obama's efforts to reform the immigration system are angering Republicans.

Will Obama’s Latest Immigration Reform Really Fix Anything?
November 18, 2011

On Thursday, The New York Times broke the news that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is belatedly taking steps to implement the Obama administration’s commitment to “prosecutorial discretion”—that is, concentrating enforcement resources on criminals and serial lawbreakers, not DREAM Act students or other “low priority” immigrants. That policy, outlined in a memo by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton in June, has been ignored for months, as I’ve shown here, here, and here.

America’s Immigration Officers vs. Obama
August 29, 2011

“We are completely unhappy,” Chris Crane told me recently over the phone. And he certainly hasn’t been shy about saying so.

I Don't Get No Respect, I Tell Ya
June 30, 2011

with Courtney Pitman The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division just can’t catch a break lately. Amid an extremely partisan national debate, this unit has deported more unauthorized immigrants than any other administration, a fact that immigrant advocates decry as too harsh, and anti-immigration groups seem to overlook during their criticism of Obama’s inaction on immigration enforcement. Further, the administration’s signature effort in immigration enforcement, Secure Communities, is facing increasing opposition on a seemingly daily basis.

The Morton Memo: Is Obama Finally Making a Humane Move on Immigration?
June 24, 2011

Since Obama’s election in 2008, he has paid only lip service to devising a fair and humane approach towards the issue of immigration. Deportations have gone up and only token gestures of support have been lent to the idea of comprehensive reform.

Goodbye to the Age of Newspapers (Hello to a New Era of Corruption)
March 04, 2009

Why American politics and society are about to be changed for the worse.