John Warner

Wind Farm Endangered By Dead Indians
March 23, 2010

Cape Wind, the Massachusetts pioneering and environmentally daring enterprise trying to build 130 turbines in Nantucket Bay, is now facing its last hurdle. Or breathing its last breath. All of this is in a fascinating dispatch by Beth Daley in the Boston Globe. I've written about this undertaking several times as the initiative was put through the ropes of both privilege of the very rich and the antiquated technologies of protected corporations.

Military Officials Urge Action On Climate Change
July 30, 2009

Earlier today, congressional Democrats held their second hearing on the national security aspects of climate change in little over a week. While it's no secret that the military has been conducting research into the implications of a warming planet for some time now, former Republican Senator John Warner confirmed in his opening statement that the Pentagon has gotten the message: I made a further request of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans, and Forces, to provide me with a statement describing ongoing work in the Department of Defense.

Warner For Mccain
October 31, 2008

When I asked people to guess the next Obamacon, I remember thinking one of the more plausible picks was John Warner, who's retiring and who, in opposing Ollie North's Senate run a few years back, has a history of standing up to his party. But now I see from Jonathan Martin that Warner's cut two robocalls for McCain to go out to Virginia voters. I guess I shouldn't be surprised: McCain and Warner go way back; Warner was Secretary of the Navy when McCain was something of a Navy celebrity after returning from his time as a POW in Vietnam.

Cultural Devolution
July 09, 2008

Cross over San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, head north for half an hour, and you'll reach Mount Tamalpais State Park, home to redwood groves and, a little ways up, panoramic views of the bay. As it turns out, though, the park is also home to large amounts of pollution from Asia--dust, sulfur, trace metals--blowing in from across the Pacific. "We call it the persistent Asian plume," says Steven Cliff, an atmospheric scientist currently working with the California Air Resources Board.

The Case For Waiting
April 14, 2008

Brad poked at something interesting in this post and if I might, I'd like to expand on it just a bit. Last year, before the Democratic presidential candidates began arguing against each other's "theories of change," environmental groups were involved in a fight of their own about a similar idea. With a narrow Democratic majority in Congress and a fiercely anti-environment president in the White House, how should they approach the climate legislation that they knew was coming down the pipeline?

The Devil's Advocate
September 24, 2007

The sleazy lobbyist who might save the world.

The Liberation Of John Warner?

Virginia Republican Senator John Warner is backing away from the Webb amendment, the Democrats' best chance to send a real change in Iraq policy to Bush's desk.

John Warner And Iraq

This may be overthinking, but my first-blush reaction is that while Virginia Republican Senator John Warner's retirement may be terrible news for the GOP, which will have trouble holding his seat, it might be good news for George W. Bush and his Iraq war strategy. Why? Because Warner, who has provided Bush with key support on Iraq, had been on the hot seat in a state that just elected the stridently anti-war Jim Webb.

War Torn
October 30, 2006

In Washington today, there are two debates about Iraq. The first is loud and fake. It consists of flag-draped speeches in which President Bush says things like “The party of Harry Truman has become the party of cut and run.” It looks like a debate about foreign policy, but it’s not. It’s a debate about national identity—about the kind of country we want to be: a country that retreats and loses or a country that fights and wins. The Democrats stand accused of defeatism; the Republicans demand victory.

October 16, 2006

I have liked John McCain ever since I met him almost a decade ago. At the time, I was writing a profile of then-Senator Fred Thompson, who was rumored to be considering a run for the presidency. I had been playing phone tag with the press secretaries of senators friendly with Thompson and was getting nowhere. I decided that, instead of calling McCain's office, I would drop by. I spoke to one of his aides, who asked me whether I had time to see the senator then.