Johnny Reid Edwards

How John Edwards Could Get Cornered By the Prosecution in His Campaign Finance Trial
April 23, 2012

As a card-carrying member of the Betrayed by John Edwards Alumni Association, I’ll admit that my initial response to his federal indictment for violating campaign laws was skepticism. Yes, Edwards was an egocentric, lying, baby-denying cad who betrayed his dying wife. I doubted, however, that he had committed a crime. But now that the Edwards trial is getting started—opening statements will be heard today in Greensboro, North Carolina—I have begun thinking that things are a bit more complicated.

John Edwards's Race (and Gender) Problem
January 17, 2007

This morning I'm watching the silly sit-down that "Good Morning America"'s Diane Sawyer did with the 16 women senators, and the first topic of discussion is (surprise!) how the decidedly non-female Barack Obama puts a kink in Senator Clinton's plans to become the first Madame President. As Diane framed the situation, here's a woman Senator looking to break one glass ceiling, only to run up against a black Senator aiming to break another type of glass ceiling. The safe-money bet is that we'll hear this minority v.