Jonathan Allen

Insurers Get PR Victory; Republicans Get Talking Point
June 12, 2012

So predictable. And so wrong. Both Aetna and Humana have announced that they will follow the example of UnitedHealth, keeping in place some of the Affordable Care Act's provisions even if the Supreme Court strikes down the law.

Bond Market Underestimating Nut Factor
July 19, 2011

The widespread assumption in the bond market that the debt ceiling showdown will, somehow, some way, end well strikes me as a classic underestimation of risk. We quietly assume that something terrible and pointless won't happen because it's never happened before, even if the potential causes of disaster are blindingly obvious. Jonathan Allen and Jake Sherman have a good story about the craziness of the Republican caucus. How crazy are these people?

Medicaid in the Crosshairs
April 01, 2011

The assault on Medicaid is about to begin. GOP sources have told Politico's Jonathan Allen that House Republicans will propose $1 trillion in cuts from the program. Exactly what form those cuts would take is not entirely clear.

The Biggest Losers in the Budget Battle
February 28, 2011

Who's winning the political battle over the budget and federal spending? Damned if I know. Politico's Jonathan Allen says the score is "Republicans 1, Democrats 0." The reason: The temporary agreement that will keep the government running another two weeks includes $4 billion in cuts, which is more or less a pro-rated version of the Republican demand for $60 billion in cuts over the rest of the fiscal  year. Democrats, in other words, caved.  Or did they? The $4 billion comes from a list of cuts that President Obama himself had endorsed.

We Should Have Dumped Pelosi
November 18, 2010

On Thursday, the House Democratic caucus selected Nancy Pelosi as the minority leader. A few hours earlier, Quinnipiac University released its latest survey, which sheds some interesting light on that decision. Included in the survey was a standard question that Quinnipiac has asked for several years: Is your opinion of Nancy Pelosi favorable, unfavorable, or haven’t you heard enough about her?

Alan Grayson: Republicans Want You to 'Die Quickly'
September 30, 2009

Republicans seem to think they’ve found a liberal equivalent to Joe Wilson in Alan Grayson, whom I profiled in our last issue for his brazenly bloggy temperament. Here he is last night on the House floor saying that the Republican health care plan is to “die quickly.” (Skip to1:52): Jonathan Allen has the goods on the fallout: Republicans called on Grayson last night to apologize, and on Wednesday morning, Rep.