Josef Mengele

Can a Movie Make Josef Mengele Relatable?
May 01, 2014

We are in Patagonia, on a road that lasts 300 miles. A family are ready to make the journey in a battered white van—father, mother and three children, and the mother is pregnant again.

Richard Land Goes Out On the Bottom
August 07, 2012

The country’s most prominent denominational figure is stepping down after 25 years at the Southern Baptist Convention to officially become an unrestricted free agent in the Religious Right. Richard Land is not the leader of the Southern Baptists—he holds the wordy title of president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Who's Behind That Obama-as-Hitler Sign? Lyndon Larouche
August 12, 2009

Right-wing protesters aren't the only ones likening Democrats to Nazis for supporting Obamacare. As Josh Marshall notes, a group of LaRouche supporters joined the conservative hecklers who shouted down Representative McGovern last week in Massachusetts, reportedly comparing the congressman to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele. In fact, the LaRouchies have dubbed their entire campaign, "Stop Obama's Nazi Health Plan," and they have played a central role in disrupting town hall meetings across the country.