Joseph Epstein

Deal With It
June 22, 2012

ONE OF THE blessedly few statistics in Losing It, William Ian Miller’s book about his experience of aging, and a tour-de force of hypochondriacal free association, informs his readers that “more than half the people between the ages of sixty-five and

Remember the Age
July 09, 2010

[Guest post by James Downie] David Brooks's latest science column takes on the great "Internet vs. Books" debate: The Internet-versus-books debate is conducted on the supposition that the medium is the message. But sometimes the medium is just the medium. What matters is the way people think about themselves while engaged in the two activities. A person who becomes a citizen of the literary world enters a hierarchical universe.

Weak Belief
December 28, 2006

I just read an exceptionally shallow and foolish piece by a writer many of whose essays I greatly admire, Joseph Epstein (who, as Myron J. Epstein, was a mediocre student of mine more than four decades go). It talks of George W. Bush as "a believer" and then assesses Truman and the presidents who followed him as believers or non-believers. No factual, psychological or analysis other than the assessor's assertive chutzpah is in the piece. Epstein asserts that all really great presidents were "believers," although belief does not suffice to make a president great.