Joshua Muravchik

Was Gorbachev The Man Of The Century?
July 07, 2009

In an interesting essay in the new issue of World Affairs, Joshua Muravchik looks back at the year 1989 with two decades of perspective. Only the first few paragraphs of the piece are available online, but Muravchik does make a fascinating claim: The axis would have been defeated without Roosevelt and even without Churchill, although Britain might have fallen first. India would have gained independence without Gandhi. Segregation would have ended in America without Martin Luther King Jr.

Prize Fight
October 28, 2002

  Two types of people win the Nobel Peace Prize. The first are the more obvious: People who resolve international conflicts. In 1926, Aristide Briand and Gustav Stresemann won for the Locarno Pact, which supposedly guaranteed the borders of Germany, Belgium, and France. In 1929, America's Frank Kellogg won for the Kellogg-Briand Pact, in which the great powers renounced war. In 1973, Henry Kissinger and Vietnam's Le Duc Tho won for ending the Vietnam War.