Bloomberg's Favorite Toy
Inside the billionaire's quixotic, costly, and strangely milquetoast foray into opinion journalism
December 17, 2013

Bloomberg View spends big on fancy writers. Influence does not follow.

China's Government Is Scaring Foreign Journalists Into Censoring Themselves
December 09, 2013

“The visa question has insidious ways of sowing the seeds of self-censorship,” Dorinda Elliott, the global affairs editor at Condé Nast Traveler, wrote on ChinaFile last month.

This Law of Economics Shows Why Print Journalism Is Doomed
December 03, 2013

And why public funding is the best solution.

Peter Kaplan, 1954-2013
To understand the modern internet, you need to understand the cranky wisdom of this journalism icon
November 30, 2013

Peter Kaplan, the longtime New York Observer editor, died November 29. In this 2012 profile, Nathan Heller described Kaplan, who had just launched a glossy magazine for Fairchild Fashion Media, as one of the most influential figures in journalism.

Glenn Greenwald and Bill Keller Are Wrong About Objectivity in Journalism
November 06, 2013

A debate has been raging for 50 years or more over whether journalists should try to be “objective” in reporting events or describing controversies.

Yes, Young Writers Should Give Their Work Away for Free
It's sad but true: There's no other way to make it
October 29, 2013

Writing in The New York Times this weekend, author and cartoonist Tim Kreider, like every other member of the working media, surveyed the contemporary marketplace, and realized he does not like what he sees.

On the Ground With Syria's News Smugglers
They go where professional journalists won't
October 20, 2013

Covering the war in Syria is too dangerous for professional journalists. That's where these guys come in. A dispatch from the makeshift media capital of the Middle East.

Searing Pictures from Egypt's Turmoil
September 19, 2013

An interview with Mosa'ab Elshamy, the 23-year-old whose photos have defined Egypt's revolution

Rolling Stone Nails Aaron Hernandez—But Misses the NFL
August 28, 2013

I found two false notes in Rolling Stone’s otherwise excellent, scrupulously reported story on the downfall of former star New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who now faces a murder charge and is being investigated for several other alleg

A Q&A With Jill Abramson
The Times' top editor on mean bosses, liberal biases, and the demise of the Washington Post
August 19, 2013

The Times' top editor on Mean Bosses, Liberal Biases, and the Demise of the Washington Post