Julian Pecquet

The Big Republican Budget Lie
May 04, 2011

It’s becoming pretty clear how Republicans plan to defend their budget. They’re going to lie about it. I’m referring specifically to the way they and their supporters describe the budget’s treatment of Medicare and Medicaid – and how those proposals compare to the changes enacted via the Affordable Care Act. I wrote about these last week, when self-proclaimed (and almost universally discredited) health care expert Elizabeth McCaughey* made these arguments in the Wall Street Journal.

Memo Outlines Possible Easter Recess Timeline
March 02, 2010

Inside Health Policy's Julian Pecquet and Amy Lotven report on a Democratic memo sketching out a timeline for passage of health care reform. The gist is pretty simple: The House takes up the Senate bill and passed it by March 19. A few days later it passes a reconciliation bill and sends it over to the Senate, which starts the voting process on March 26. It's a "process" because, even though the reconciliation process limits debate to 20 hours, it doesn't limit amendments.