Kaiser Wilhelm II

Stanley Kauffmann on Films: Worlds of Difference
October 16, 2010

Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today Schulberg Productions Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould Lorber Films Kings of Pastry First Run Features The American government made a documentary about the Nuremberg trial in 1945 - 1946 that was shown in Germany in 1948. It is only lately being shown in the United States. Reasons for the delay are obscure: one surmise is that relations with the Soviet Union quickly cooled and our government didn’t want to push a film that had the Soviets sitting alongside us in a tribunal.

The READ: BEA Keepers
June 02, 2010

The first time I experienced BookExpo America (BEA)—the annual gathering of the nation’s editors, publishers, agents, and booksellers—was nine years ago, in Chicago. The atmosphere in the convention center was downright carnivalesque. Booths overflowed with “swag,” all the junk publicists dream up for their promotional campaigns: tote bags, buttons, little notepads, mugs.

Class Acts
September 24, 2001

Ornamentalism by David Cannadine Oxford University Press, 240 pp., $25) When Hitler wished to relax after a hard day at the office, he liked to watch films in his private screening room. Nazi propaganda movies were not his favorite entertainment; they felt too much like work. Hitler liked swashbuckling Hollywood films, and one picture in particular: Lives of a Bengal Lancer, starring Gary Cooper and C.